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Honda CBR150 Motorcycle Throttle Body

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Part Number:16400-KPP-T03
Installation Dimensions:30mm/32mm
Material:Aluminum Alloy
  • RB-TB039

Introduction to Honda CBR150 TRHOTTLE BODY

The Honda CBR150's throttle body is one of the key components of the engine. It is located at the end of the intake duct and is responsible for controlling the intake air flow and adjusting the engine's air-fuel mixture ratio. Simply put, it is part of the Engine Management System, which controls the engine's output power by controlling the opening of the throttle body.

The CBR150 throttle usually consists of several main parts, including an electronic actuator (Electronic Actuator), sensor and electronic throttle sensor (Electronic Throttle Sensor) connected to the throttle. The electronic actuator controls the opening degree of the throttle body based on the input signal from the sensor to meet the driver's operating needs for the accelerator.

The CBR150's throttle body is precisely designed to provide efficient engine performance and smooth acceleration response. It ensures that the engine can run optimally by working closely with other parts of the engine management system, such as the fuel injection system and ignition system.

The importance of maintaining your throttle body cannot be overstated. Regular cleaning and inspection of your throttle body can ensure its proper operation and help extend the life and performance of your engine.

CBR150 Throttle Body

Composition of Honda CBR150 THROTTLE BODY

The Honda CBR150's throttle body is an important part of the engine management system. It is used to control the engine's air flow and fuel mixture ratio, affecting the engine's performance and responsiveness. The following is the structure and components of a throttle valve in general:

Body: The CBR150 body of the throttle is usually an aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy casting, which is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. There is an air inlet on the top of the main body, connected to the intake manifold, and an outlet on the bottom, connected to the engine cylinder.

Throttle Plate: The Honda cbr150 throttle plate is a rotatable circular or oval sheet installed in the throttle body and used to regulate air flow. It is connected to the electric drive mechanism through bearings or bearing assemblies, and can adjust the opening and closing degree and control the air flow according to the driver's throttle operation angle.

Electric Actuator: This is the honda cbr150 electric actuator used to control the opening and closing of the throttle plate. It is usually driven by an electric stepper motor or linear motor, controlled by signals from the electronic control unit (ECU), and adjusts the position of the throttle plate according to the driver's throttle operation.

Sensors: The honda cbr150 throttle system is usually equipped with multiple sensors to monitor parameters such as the position of the throttle plate, the position of the accelerator pedal, and the intake airflow speed. The feedback signals from these sensors are sent to the ECU to monitor and adjust the position and status of the throttle valve in real time.

Airflow Sensor: The honda cbr150 throttle system of some models may also be integrated with an airflow sensor to measure the airflow entering the engine in order to more accurately control the amount of fuel injection.

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