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Honda PCX150 ADV150 Vario 125 150 Motorcycle Stepper Motor

5 0 Reviews
Type : Idle Sensor
Part Number : 16430-K97-T01
Minimum Purchase : 10PCS
  • RB-MT0007


PCX150 Stepper Motor

Sensor About

Introducing the Honda PCX 150 Stepper Motor, a cutting-edge accessory designed for optimal performance and compatibility with Honda's original PCX 150 motorcycles from 2018 to 2023. With its seamless integration, this stepper motor ensures a smooth and efficient fuel injection system, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Not only does the Honda PCX 150 Stepper Motor cater to the PCX 150 series, but it also seamlessly installs onto the throttle body of Honda's original ADV 150 motorcycles from 2018 to 2022. This versatility allows riders to enjoy the benefits of this advanced technology across multiple models, further enhancing their riding capabilities.

Additionally, the Honda PCX 150 Stepper Motor finds its application in the Honda Vario 125 and 150 motorcycles from 2018 to 2022. With its precision engineering and robust construction, this stepper motor guarantees optimal performance and reliability, making it an ideal choice for riders seeking an upgrade to their Vario motorcycles.

Experience the power of precision and compatibility with the Honda PCX 150 Stepper Motor. Elevate your riding experience and unlock the true potential of your Honda motorcycle. Trust in Honda's commitment to innovation and quality, and choose the Honda PCX 150 Stepper Motor for unrivaled performance and reliability.

Sensor Feature

1. This is not an original Honda accessory but an aftermarket accessory.

2. The performance and durability of this product will far exceed the original quality.

3. We can provide a certain period of warranty for this product.

4. The best quality materials, the most diverse styles, and the best prices.

Replace Part No




For Honda RS 125 150 150R 2015-2019

For Honda RS 150 2015-2019

For Honda RS 150R 2015-2019

For Honda WINNER 125 2015-2019

For Honda WINNER 150 2015-2019

For Honda PCX 125 2018-2023

For Honda PCX 150 2018-2023

For Honda ADV150 2018-2022

For Honda Vario 125 2018-2022

For Honda Vario 150 2018-2022

For Honda CB 150 150R 2015-2017

For Honda SONIC 150 2015-2017

For Honda SONIC 150R· SUPRA GTR K56F 2016-2019

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