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16060-GFZ-003 LEAD 110 SCR110 TPS Throttle Position Sensor

5 0 Reviews
Part Number : 16060-GFZ-003
Color : Black
MOQ : 100PCS
Material : Plastic ABS
  • RB-TPR005

Sensor style


Sensor introduction

Introducing our high-performance Throttle Position Sensor, designed to enhance the operation and closure of the throttle body in motorcycles. With its efficient functionality, this sensor aids in the quick startup of electronic fuel-injected motorcycles, ensuring a seamless riding experience.

One of the standout features of this sensor is its compatibility with various motorcycle models. Whether you own a PCX 125, PCX 150, ADV 150, LEAD 110, SCR 110, or any other compatible model, our Throttle Position Sensor is designed to perfectly match the throttle body of your specific motorcycle.

Experience the power of precise throttle control and improved performance with our Throttle Position Sensor. Say goodbye to sluggish starts and hello to a more engaging and exhilarating ride. Upgrade your motorcycle's throttle system today with our top-of-the-line sensor.

what is sensor

The odometer sensor measures the rotational speed of the wheel based on the principle of measuring rotational speed. According to the diameter of the wheel, each speed measurement cycle is one revolution of the wheel, and the mileage traveled is calculated by accumulating the number of cycles the wheel has rotated.

For example, if the circumference of a wheel is 1 meter, the wheel travels 1 meter every time it rotates. The cumulative rotation period of the wheel is 1000 times, then the wheel travels: 1×1000=1000 meters.

The sensor has double pulses, four pulses or six pulses as one speed measurement cycle. The more pulses, the smaller the measurement error.

Sensor replacement parts




Compatible Honda models

For Honda PCX150 2013-2015

For Honda PCX125 2013-2015

For Honda ADV150 2011-2013

For Honda SH125 2008-2013

For Honda SH150 2008-2013

For Honda LEAD 110 2008-2015

For Honda SCR110 2008-2013

For Honda SH 300 2013-2018

For Honda SH 300I 2016-2020

For Honda FORZA 300 2013-2018

For Honda SCOOPY 2010-2017

For Honda CLICK 110 2018

For Honda AIRBLADE 2008-2009

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