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Honda 37700-KVS-J01 Crankshaft Speed Position Sensor

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Number : RB-CD005
Type : Crankshaft Speed Position Sensor
Replace Part Number : 37700-KVS-J01

Product Name: Honda 37700-KVS-J01 Crankshaft Speed Position Sensor

Product Overview:

The 37700-KVS-J01 motorcycle crankshaft speed sensor is a high-performance, high-precision electronic sensing device designed for motorcycle engines. It can monitor and feedback the crankshaft speed and position data in real time, help optimize the engine's ignition timing and fuel injection, and improve the overall driving experience and engine efficiency.

Product Features:

High-precision measurement: 37700-KVS-J01 Sensor using advanced Hall effect or magnetoelectric technology to ensure accurate monitoring of crankshaft speed and position.

Fast response: real-time data transmission to ensure the best operating state of the engine under various working conditions.

Strong durability: high-quality materials and sealing design, with excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Wide compatibility: suitable for a variety of brands and models of motorcycles, easy installation and simple maintenance.

Technical Parameters:

Working voltage: 5V - 12V

Working temperature range: -40°C to +125°C

Output signal type: analog signal or digital signal (specific model optional)

Measurement accuracy: ±0.1%

Response time: < 1 millisecond

Application Areas:

Motorcycle engine management system

High-performance motorcycle modification

Motorcycle repair and maintenance

Advantages and Benefits:

Optimize engine performance: Accurate ignition timing and fuel injection control to improve engine power output and fuel efficiency.

Improve fuel economy: Reduce fuel waste and reduce operating costs.

Environmental protection and energy saving: Optimize the combustion process, reduce harmful emissions, and contribute to environmental protection.

Safety and reliability: Ensure that the engine runs smoothly under various driving conditions and improve the overall safety and reliability of the vehicle.

Instructions for use:

Installation steps:

Fix the crankshaft speed sensor on the engine at the specified position, usually located in the reserved mounting hole near the crankshaft.

Connect the sensor's wiring harness to the corresponding interface of the engine control unit (ECU) to ensure that the connection is firm and correct.

Calibration and debugging:

Start the engine, enter the diagnostic mode, and check whether the sensor output signal is normal.

If necessary, use a special diagnostic tool to calibrate to ensure the synchronization between the sensor and the ECU.


Avoid excessive force during installation to prevent sensor damage.

Check the sensor connection status regularly to ensure that there is no looseness or poor contact.

When encountering abnormal signals or fault codes, please check and replace the sensor in time.

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