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Honda 37700-KRE-G01 Crankshaft Speed Position Sensor

5 0 Reviews
Number : RB-CD001
Compatible With : NXR 160 BROS
Replace Part Number : 37700-KRE-G01

Product Name: Honda 37700-KRE-G01 Crankshaft Speed Position Sensor

Product Overview

37700-KRE-G01 Sensor This is the most common type and uses the Hall effect or magneto-electric effect to sense the rotation of the crankshaft. There is a magnet inside the sensor and when a gear or mark on the crankshaft passes by the sensor, it changes the magnetic field, which generates an electrical signal.

Product Function

37700-KRE-G01 Sensor detects crankshaft speed. By sensing the movement of gears or specific marks on the crankshaft, the sensor can accurately measure the rotation speed of the crankshaft.

Send signal to ECU The detected speed information is sent to the motorcycle's engine control unit (ECU) to adjust parameters such as ignition timing and fuel injection to optimize engine performance.

37700-KRE-G01 SENSOR

Product Application Vehicle

37700-KRE-G01 Application : 

For Honda NXR 160 BROS 2015

For Honda NXR 160 BROS 2016

For Honda NXR 160 BROS 2017

For Honda NXR 160 BROS 2018

For Honda NXR 160 BROS 2019

For Honda NXR 160 BROS 2020

For Honda NXR 160 BROS 2021

For Honda NXR 160 BROS 2022

For Honda XRE 190 2016

For Honda XRE 190 2017

For Honda XRE 190 2018

For Honda XRE 190 2019

For Honda XRE 190 2020

For Honda XRE 190 2021

For Honda XRE 190 2022

Application Areas

Honda NXR 160 BROS and XRE 190 motorcycle engine management

Honda NXR 160 BROS and XRE 190 motorcycle modification

Honda NXR 160 BROS and XRE 190 repair and maintenance

Possible Failures

37700-KRE-G01 sensor damage: If the sensor is damaged or faulty, it may cause the motorcycle to fail to start or the engine to stall.

Unstable signal: Unstable 37700-KRE-G01 sensor signal can cause engine performance to decline, idling or acceleration to be unstable.

Fault light on: Modern motorcycles are usually equipped with self-diagnosis systems. When there is a problem with the 37700-KRE-G01 crankshaft speed sensor, the fault indicator light on the dashboard may light up.

If the above problems occur, the sensor needs to be adjusted in time or replaced with a new one.

Product Repair

Regular inspection: Regularly inspect the 37700-KRE-G01 crankshaft speed sensor and its connections to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Clean the sensor: Avoid dirt and oil accumulation on the sensor and keep the 37700-KRE-G01 sensor clean.

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