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Orange 16060-K35-V01 TPS Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor

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Color : Orange Color
MOQ : 100PCS
Replace Part Number : 
  • RB-TPR003

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

Details Description

Orange 16060-K35-V01 Throttle Position Sensor TPS, as a key component of the engine control system, directly affects the driving experience, fuel economy and engine operating status. Proper use and maintenance of TPS is one of the important factors to ensure vehicle performance and reliability. Drivers and maintenance personnel should pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance of 16060-K35-V01 TPS to ensure that it is always working in optimal condition.

Monitoring the throttle opening: The main function of the Orange 16060-K35-V01 Throttle Position Sensor is to monitor the opening of the engine throttle, that is, the acceleration achieved by the driver by stepping on the accelerator. It converts the throttle position into a voltage signal or frequency signal through the principle of a rheostat or Hall effect sensor, and sends it to the ECU.

Provide driver intention information: The ECU uses the information provided by the Orange 16060-K35-V01 Throttle Position Sensor to adjust the fuel injection amount and ignition timing to meet the driver's acceleration needs. This feedback helps the engine maintain smooth operation and optimal fuel economy under different operating conditions.

Modern Aprilia Piaggio, Vespa, Honda and Kawasaki vehicles more commonly use Hall effect sensors, which use magnetic field changes to detect the opening of the throttle and output a corresponding voltage or frequency signal. This sensor is contactless, has fast response speed, and has a long life.

Installation location: TPS is usually installed on or near the throttle shaft to directly measure the position changes of the throttle valve. The accuracy and stability of the mounting position are critical to engine performance.

TPS 16060-K35-V01

Replace Part Number



16060 K35 V01/16060 K35 G02/16410 K97 901

Correct use of throttle position sensor

Smoothly operate the throttle: Avoid sudden sudden acceleration or braking, which will put the TPS sensor under greater pressure and wear. Keeping throttle operation smooth helps extend the life of the TPS and improves overall driving comfort.

Do not exceed limits: Do not open the throttle beyond its designed maximum opening, which may cause excessive stress and damage to the TPS. Especially when starting or accelerating, make sure the throttle is controlled within a reasonable range.

Pay attention to abnormal indicators: If the vehicle shows poor throttle response, unstable idling, or has a warning light related to throttle operation, it may be a sign of a problem with the TPS. Address these issues promptly to avoid further damage or safety risks.

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations: Different makes and models of motorcycles may have different TPS usage requirements and maintenance intervals. Following the manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines will ensure that the TPS works optimally and achieves the best possible driving experience and performance.

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