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Yellow 54P-E5401-10 Motorcycle TPS Throttle Position Sensor

5 0 Reviews
Type: Three In One Sensor
Color : Yellow Color
Compatibility :
For Yamaha EGO-LC-FI
For Yamaha EGO S FI EGO-S-FI
For Yamaha FZ150
For Yamaha FZ150I
For Yamaha Y15
For Yamaha Y15Z
For Yamaha Y15ZR
For Yamaha NMAX 125
For Yamaha NMAX 150
For Yamaha NMAX 155
For Yamaha LC150
For Yamaha YBR150
For Yamaha XTZ150
For Yamaha EXCITER 150
  • RB-TPR002 Yellow

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

Product Name

Yellow 54P-E5401-10 1ST-E3761-00 Motorcycle TPS Throttle Position Sensor

Product Data

Yellow 54P-E5401-10 throttle position sensors usually refer to specially designed sensors used in some specific vehicles or applications. These sensors may have the following advantages or features:

Easy to identify and install

Yellow 54P-E5401-10 throttle position sensors are often used to identify specific models or brands, making them more obvious and easy to operate during installation and identification. This helps to find the sensor location faster during vehicle maintenance and troubleshooting, and make necessary adjustments or replacements.

High reliability

Yellow 54P-E5401-10 throttle position sensors are specially designed to provide higher reliability and stability. This is especially important in applications that require long-term stable operation and durability, such as in high-performance or commercial vehicles.


Yellow sensors may have higher measurement precision and accuracy, and can more accurately monitor and transmit throttle position data. This is critical to the requirements of modern engine control systems, ensuring that the engine can maintain optimal performance under various operating conditions.

Environmental adaptability

The yellow 54P-E5401-10 throttle position sensor may be made of special materials and designs to adapt to more severe environmental conditions, such as high temperature, humidity or chemical substances. This allows the sensor to operate stably for a long time without being affected by external environmental factors.

Wide applicability

Although the yellow 54P-E5401-10 throttle position sensor may be more common in certain specific applications, they are generally designed to be suitable for a variety of vehicle models and engine configurations. Such a design helps reduce manufacturing costs and provide a wider range of market applications.

B17-F6246-00 TPS

Product Region Impact

54P-E5401-10 54P-E3750-00 54P-E3701-01 Sensor is very popular in Southeast Asia and Brazil. The Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) on motorcycles is similar to that on cars. It measures the position of the throttle and sends a signal to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to adjust the fuel injection and ignition timing to ensure that the engine can provide optimal performance and fuel economy under different loads and speeds.

For Yamaha motorcycles, the main functions of TPS include:

Provide accurate throttle position information: The 54P-E5401-10 TPS regularly sends signals about the throttle opening to the ECU, which is essential to ensure the responsiveness and smoothness of the engine under various driving conditions.

Optimize fuel economy: By monitoring the throttle position in real time, the ECU can accurately control the amount of fuel injection to maximize fuel economy.

Improve engine performance: Ensure that the throttle response is quick and smooth to provide the best acceleration performance and driving experience.

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