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Honda SH125 SH150 SH 125 150 ADV150 Motorcycle Throttle Body

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Made: in China
Size: 32mm/34mm/36mm
Type: Brand new after-market
  • RB-TB004

Product Name : Honda SH125 SH150 ADV150 Motorcycle Throttle Body

Basic Information

The Honda SH150 throttle body of the SH150 motorcycle is an important component that controls the mixing ratio of air and fuel, which directly affects the efficiency and performance of the engine. The following are some common performance parameters of the PCX150 motorcycle Throttle Body:

Dimensions: The dimensions of the SH125 motorcycle throttle body usually vary depending on the specific model and are generally given in the official technical specifications. The size of the Throttle Body determines how much air flows into the engine, affecting power output and fuel economy.

Number of throttle valves: The SH125 Throttle Body of Honda SH125 motorcycles is usually a single throttle design, suitable for single-cylinder engines. This means there is only one throttle valve for the entire engine to control the mixture of air and fuel.

Control method: The ADV150 Throttle Body of the Honda ADV150 motorcycle may be operated by an electronic control unit (ECU) or electronic throttle control. This control method enables more precise throttle control, improving engine responsiveness and fuel economy.

Adjustable performance: Some Honda ADV150 motorcycle Throttle Body has adjustable parameters, such as throttle opening limit, etc. These adjustments allow the rider to fine-tune the Throttle Body according to their needs for better acceleration performance and fuel economy.

Material: Honda SH150 motorcycle Throttle Body is usually made of high-strength metal materials, such as aluminum alloy or steel. These materials have good wear and corrosion resistance and can maintain stable working performance under various riding conditions.

SH150 Motorcycle Throttle Body

Throttle body Process

1. Material preparation: The material is usually a high-strength metal material such as aluminum alloy, which is cut and forged to obtain the preliminary shape of the throttle body parts.

2. Processing and accuracy calibration: The throttle body parts after preliminary processing require further processing and accuracy calibration.

3. Heat treatment: Throttle body parts require heat treatment to improve the hardness and strength of their materials.

4. Surface treatment: Throttle body parts require surface treatment to improve their corrosion resistance and appearance quality.

5. Assembly and quality inspection: The surface-treated throttle body parts will be assembled, and other accessories such as bearings, seals, etc. may need to be installed.


The Honda SH150 Motorcycle Throttle Body is a crucial component of the fuel supply system in the SH150 series engine. It is responsible for controlling the ratio of air and fuel mixture, directly impacting the engine's performance and fuel efficiency. The Honda SH150 Motorcycle Throttle Body is engineered to deliver precise control and durability, enhancing the overall riding experience.


The Honda SH150 Motorcycle Throttle Body is designed to optimize engine performance and enhance the riding experience. Its precise control, durability, and advanced technology ensure smooth acceleration and consistent fuel efficiency, making it an ideal choice for urban commuting or long-distance rides. 

Designed with the highest standards of quality and performance in mind, the Honda SH150 Motorcycle Throttle Body is a vital component of the fuel supply system, contributing to improved engine performance and overall rider satisfaction.

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