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Honda BIZ 110I POP 110 16400-K65-B01 Throttle Body

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Match Years
Honda BIZ 110I 2016
Honda BIZ 110I 2017
Honda POP 110 2016
Honda POP 110 2017
  • RB-TB023

Adapt vehicle information

The Honda Pop 110 is a motorcycle model produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda. It is a small motorcycle with an engine displacement of 110cc. The Honda Pop 110 is great in city traffic, economical and easy to drive. It provides a comfortable ride with reliable performance and durability. The Honda Biz 110i was first produced in Brazil and launched in 2016. Therefore, its earliest production year dates back to 2016.vehicle specifications

Engine type: Air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke

Displacement volume: 109.1 ml

Maximum power: 6.4 hp (7,500 rpm)

Maximum torque: 0.83 kgf.m (5,500 rpm)

Fuel supply system: fuel injection fuel injection

Starting method: electric start

Transmission type: semi-automatic gear transmission

Front suspension: Telescopic fork

Rear suspension: Twin shock

Braking system: front disc brake, rear drum brake

Tire specifications: front wheel 80/100-18M/C 47P, rear wheel 90/90-18M/C 51P

Vehicle dimensions (length x width x height): 1,881mm x 730mm x 1,068mm

Wheelbase: 1,258mm

Minimum ground clearance: 132mm

Seat height: 753mm

Vehicle weight: 101kg

Fuel tank volume: 5.1 liters

Honda Biz 110i is a motorcycle model launched by Honda. It is equipped with a 110cc engine and is a very affordable motorcycle suitable for urban commuting. Honda Biz 110i has a simple and practical appearance design that meets the needs of daily urban riding, while possessing the reliability and durability of the Honda brand. This motorcycle is suitable for short-distance travel and urban commuting, and is one of the favorite choices of many people. The Pop 110 was first launched in 2007, so the earliest production year dates back to 2007. This motorcycle is very popular in Brazil and other regions and is loved by consumers.

vehicle specifications

Engine type: Four-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine

Displacement volume: 109.1 ml

Maximum power: 7.9 hp (7,250 rpm)

Maximum torque: 0.90 kgf.m (5,000 rpm)

Fuel supply system: carburetor

Starting method: pedal start

Transmission type: Four-speed manual transmission

Front suspension: ordinary hydraulic type

Rear suspension: Dual rear shock absorbers

Braking system: front drum brake, rear drum brake

Tire specifications: front wheel 60/100-17M/C 33P, rear wheel 80/100-14M/C 49P

Vehicle dimensions (length x width x height): 1,873mm x 721mm x 1,040mm

Wheelbase: 1,213mm

Minimum ground clearance: 149mm

Seat height: 749mm

Vehicle weight: 87kg

Fuel tank volume: 4.2 liters

BIZ 110I Throttle Body

Test of biz 110i throttle body

The biz 110i throttle body produced by our company will go through the following steps of testing before being sold to customers across the country.

After replacing or repairing your biz 110i's throttle body, you can do some tests to make sure it's working properly. Here are some common testing methods:

Air flow test: Use professional tools to measure the air flow of the throttle valve to ensure that the throttle valve can adjust the air flow normally at different speeds.

Idle speed test: Start the engine, let the vehicle idle, and check whether the engine runs smoothly and the speed is stable. If the idle speed is abnormal, the throttle may need to be readjusted.

Acceleration test: Conduct an acceleration test to observe the engine's response speed and acceleration performance to ensure that the throttle valve can quickly respond to throttle operation.

DTC Scan: Use a diagnostic tool to scan the vehicle's electronic control module to check for any throttle-related fault codes.

Road test: Conduct a road test to test the vehicle's performance under different speeds and loads, including acceleration, driving stability and fuel economy.

biz 110i throttle body replacement process

Replacing the biz 110i's throttle body is a relatively complex operation that requires certain skills and experience. The following is a general overview of the replacement process:

Preparation: Make sure the vehicle is parked safely and disconnect the negative battery terminal. Have the tools and new throttle ready.

Accessing the Throttle Valve: Depending on the construction of the vehicle, it may be necessary to remove portions of the bodywork or other components in order to access the throttle valve assembly.

Disassemble the original throttle valve: first remove the connecting wires and pipes on the throttle valve, and remove the fixing screws to remove the original throttle valve from the engine.

Install the new throttle valve: Install the new throttle valve to the engine, secure the screws and connect the wiring harness and pipes.

Adjustment and Testing: After installation is complete, the new throttle needs to be adjusted according to the vehicle's requirements to ensure that it works properly. Then start and test the vehicle to check whether the throttle valve is working properly.

Reinstalling parts: If there are other parts that need to be removed, such as the body or fenders, reinstall them in place.

Testing and adjustment: Finally, conduct a road test to ensure that the engine performs normally after replacing the throttle valve and that there are no abnormal noises or malfunctions.

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