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Honda SPACY 110 NHX110 16400-GFM-890 Throttle Body

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Replacement Part Model
  • RB-TB025

Specifications of the SPACY 110 throttle body

SPACY 110 throttle body specifications usually include the following aspects:

Dimensions and installation interfaces: including length, width, height and other dimensional parameters, as well as interface specifications for connecting to other components, to ensure that the SPACY 110 throttle body can be correctly installed in the vehicle's air intake system.

Applicable models: It stipulates the range of models for which the SPACY 110 throttle body is applicable, including the vehicle brand, model, engine type and other information to ensure that the purchased SPACY 110 throttle body can fully match the requirements of the specific vehicle.

Materials and manufacturing processes: Describes the manufacturing materials used in the SPACY 110 throttle body, such as the type of metal or alloy, and the manufacturing processes, such as precision machining, surface treatment, etc., which affect the quality and durability of the product.

Performance parameters: including opening and closing flexibility, response speed, sealing and other performance indicators, used to evaluate the performance of the SPACY 110 throttle body in actual use.

Rated power and speed range: Some throttle bodies may be marked with the applicable engine power rating and speed range, allowing users to choose a product that meets their vehicle needs.

SPACY 110 Throttle Body

Product information introduction

The Spacy 110 throttle body refers to the throttle assembly installed on some models and is used to control the amount of engine air intake and adjust the air-fuel ratio when the engine is running. This component plays an important role in the vehicle engine system, affecting engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Typically, the throttle body will include the throttle itself, actuator, sensors and other components. By controlling the opening and closing of the throttle valve, the vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU) can adjust the engine's air intake to control the engine's output power.

Vehicle Information

The Honda NHX110 is a two-wheeled motorcycle produced by Honda. It is powered by a 110cc engine that offers good fuel economy performance and is suitable for daily commuting and short trips in urban environments. The NHX110 adopts a modern appearance design, is equipped with a comfortable seat and an easy-to-ride control system, making it the choice of many riders. This motorcycle is generally considered a reliable, affordable and easy-to-ride vehicle for those looking for a convenient way to get around.

The Honda SPACY 110 is a motorcycle produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda. It is an urban mobility scooter with a simple and practical design, suitable for daily short-distance travel. SPACY 110 is equipped with a 110cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, which has good fuel economy and reliability. It uses an electronic ignition system that starts quickly and accelerates smoothly. The motorcycle also comes with an automatic transmission for easy operation and has no clutch, making driving even easier. In appearance, SPACY 110 adopts a simple design style with smooth lines and a stylish overall shape. The front panel is equipped with headlights and turn signals, providing good lighting effects and visibility. The seats are spacious and comfortable, and the ride feels good. The trunk has a large capacity and can store some daily items.

Choose a good ELITE 110 NHX110 throttle body

When choosing a good ELITE 110 NHX110 throttle body, there are several key factors to consider:

Quality and brand: Choosing a ELITE 110 NHX110 throttle body produced by a well-known brand will usually provide you with better quality assurance and after-sales service support. Brand awareness and reputation represent the quality and reliability of the product to a certain extent.

FIT AND SPECIFICATIONS: Make sure the ELITE 110 NHX110 throttle body you select exactly matches your vehicle's model, year, and engine type to ensure compatibility and stability during installation and use.

Materials and manufacturing process: Choose a ELITE 110 NHX110 throttle body made of high-quality metal or alloy materials, which has undergone precision processing and high-quality coating to have better durability and stability.

Performance indicators: Pay attention to the ELITE 110 NHX110 throttle body's opening and closing flexibility, response speed, sealing and other performance indicators to ensure that it can accurately respond to operations and ensure normal engine operation.

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