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Honda WAVE110 AFS110 16400-KWW-C01 Throttle Body

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Manufacturer information: RUNTONG
Part number: 16400-KWW-C01
Material Information: Aluminum
Production location: Made In China
Compliance with standards: ISO 9001
  • RB-TB036

Introduction of Honda AFS 110 Throttle Body

Honda AFS 110 is a motorcycle model, and the "Throttle Body" is a component on the motorcycle. Throttle Body is one of the key components of the engine fuel supply system. It controls the mixing ratio of air and fuel, thereby controlling the engine speed and output power.

Honda AFS 110 Throttle Body controls the flow of air through an adjustable device called a throttle. As the rider turns the throttle, the throttle valve opens or closes accordingly, allowing more or less air to enter the engine. The engine control unit (ECU) monitors air flow and other related parameters through sensors to ensure that the engine is running under optimal combustion conditions.

The design and functionality of the Honda AFS 110 Throttle Body is similar to that of other motorcycles, but specific specifications and performance may vary depending on the manufacturer's design choices and engineering needs. Proper operation of the Throttle Body is critical to engine performance and fuel efficiency, so it should be maintained and cleaned regularly to ensure it operates properly.

Appearance characteristics of Honda WAVE110 Throttle Body

Honda WAVE110 is a motorcycle with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. The Throttle Body is one of the important components in the engine and is responsible for controlling the mixture of air and fuel entering the engine. Generally speaking, the appearance characteristics of Honda WAVE110 Throttle Body are:

Metal casing: The Throttle Body is usually made of metal, such as aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy, to ensure durability and heat dissipation.

Rectangular shape: The shape of the Throttle Body is usually rectangular or nearly rectangular, matching the intake duct of the engine.

Air Intake: The Throttle Body has one or more air inlets for sucking in air. These air intakes are usually located on the top of the Throttle Body.

Electric actuator: Modern motorcycle Throttle Body is usually equipped with an electric actuator to control the opening and closing of the throttle valve. This electric actuator is usually mounted on the side or top of the Throttle Body and is connected to the vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU).

Sensor connection port: There may be a sensor connection port on the Throttle Body for connecting sensors such as the throttle position sensor to monitor the position of the throttle and provide information to the ECU.

Fuel Injectors: Some Throttle Body may also be equipped with fuel injectors, which are used to inject fuel into the mixture.

WAVE110 Throttle body

Performance of Honda WAVE110 Throttle Body

Response speed: A Honda WAVE110 throttle body should be able to respond quickly to the driver's instructions and maintain stable performance even when driving at high speeds or when emergency acceleration is required.

Precise control: Honda AFS 110 throttle body should be able to accurately control the amount of air and fuel injection entering the engine to maintain an appropriate air-fuel ratio and ensure stable operation of the engine under different operating conditions.

Stability: Honda AFS 110 throttle body should maintain stable performance under various operating conditions, including temperature changes, humidity changes, altitude changes, etc. It should be able to work reliably under these conditions, ensuring that engine performance is not compromised.

Durability: An excellent Honda AFS110 throttle body should have good durability and be able to withstand the test of long-term use and high-load operation, reducing repair and replacement costs caused by throttle body failure.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Honda AFS 110 throttle body should be able to effectively control the fuel injection amount, improve fuel efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions, and comply with environmental standards.

AFS 110 Throttle body usage environment

The AFS 110 Throttle is a throttle control system for engines, typically used in automotive engines. In this system, the throttle controls the flow of air into the engine, thereby controlling the engine's power and performance. The AFS 110 throttle body is typically used for performance optimization or replacement of standard throttle bodies to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency.

The AFS 110 throttle is mainly used in the working environment of internal combustion engines, so it will be affected by various environmental factors, including but not limited to:

Temperature: The engine room temperature will affect the working performance of the throttle valve. High temperature environment may cause the throttle valve components to overheat, affecting its normal function.

Humidity: In a high-humidity environment, the throttle components may become damp or corroded, thus affecting their operational stability.

Contaminants: Dust, dirt and other contaminants present in the engine's working environment may enter the throttle system and affect its normal operation.

Vibration and shock: Vibration and shock during vehicle driving may affect the stability of the throttle's connections and sensors, thereby affecting its performance.

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