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Yellow TPS 16060-K35-V01 Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor

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Compatible With : 
SR-GT 125 2021-2022
SR150 2021-2022
SR160 2021-2022
SR-GT 200 2021-2022
ADV150 2019-2022
CT125 HUNTER CUB 2020-2022
FORZA 125 2015- 2020
PCX125 2015-2020
PCX150 2015-2020
SUPER CUB C125 2018-2020
Z125 2016 - 2021
Z125 PRO 2016 - 2021
MEDLEY 125 4T i.e. ABS EURO-4 2020
MEDLEY 125 ABS EURO-5 2021-2022
MEDLEY 150 4T i.e. ABS EURO-4 2020
  • RB-TPR003 Yellow

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

Sensor Parameter Indicators


Yellow 16060-K35-V01 Motorcycle TPS should have good linear characteristics, that is, the output voltage or frequency should change according to a certain proportion within the entire throttle opening range. Throttle Position Sensor TPS with good linearity can provide accurate throttle position feedback, helping the engine control system to accurately adjust fuel injection amount and ignition timing.

Response Time:

The response time of Yellow 16060-K35-V01 Motorcycle TPS refers to the time from the sensor detecting a change in throttle position to sending a feedback signal to the ECU. The Throttle Position Sensor TPS with short response time can adapt to the driver's acceleration needs faster and improve the driving experience.

Durability and Reliability:

Yellow 16060-K35-V01 Motorcycle TPS needs to be able to work stably for a long time under various working environment conditions, with good anti-vibration, high temperature resistance and durability. These features ensure that the Throttle Position Sensor TPS will not experience performance degradation or failure during long-term use.

Operating Temperature Range:

Yellow 16060-K35-V01 Motorcycle TPS is capable of operating over a wide temperature range, including extreme high and low temperature environments. Helps ensure vehicle stability and reliability in all weather conditions.

Output Signal Type:

The output signal type of the Yellow 16060-K35-V01 Motorcycle TPS can be an analog voltage signal or a digital frequency signal, depending on the design of the sensor and the needs of the vehicle manufacturer. Different types of output signals may affect the interface and data processing methods.

Installation method and interface (Mounting and Interface):

Throttle Position Sensor TPS should be installed in a manner that facilitates connection with the throttle mechanism and ensures stability and accuracy. The interface should be designed to be compatible with the vehicle's electronic control system to enable accurate data transmission and processing.

Honda 16060-K35-V01 TPS

Factory Sensor Advantages


Our throttle position sensors are usually more reasonably priced and may be more affordable than the original factory parts. This allows owners to choose a more economical option when replacing the sensor.

Wide Compatibility:

Our 16060-K35-V01 sensors are usually designed with wide compatibility and can be compatible with multiple models and brands. This makes the repair and replacement process more flexible and convenient.

Quality and Performance:

Wenzhou Runtong Motor Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. focuses on providing high-quality products to ensure that their performance and durability are equivalent to or even better than the original factory parts. These sensors are strictly tested and quality controlled.

Supply and Availability:

Our company's sensors usually have a wider supply network and faster supply speed. This means that motorcycle owners can get the parts they need more quickly and reduce the downtime caused by waiting for the original factory parts.

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