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28357584 68364659AA 55505514 Intake MAP Air Pressure Sensor

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Type : MAP Sensor
Material : ABS Plastic
Part Number : 28357584 68364659AA 55505514
  • RB-PS003


The Intake Air Pressure Sensor is a crucial component for your vehicle's engine performance. This sensor is responsible for connecting the intake manifold with the vacuum tube, allowing for accurate measurement of the vacuum level within the intake manifold.28357584 28439888 28356282 28357584 Map Sensor Intake Air Pressure Sensor For GMC Chevrolet Lova 28357584 Auto Part.

With its ability to detect changes in vacuum levels at different engine speeds and loads, this sensor plays a vital role in providing the necessary information to the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The sensor converts the changes in resistance within its internal circuitry into voltage signals, which are then used by the ECU to adjust fuel injection quantity and ignition timing.28356282 42271 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor For Dodge Challenger.

Part Number : 28356283 28356282 28439888 28439124 28357584 68364659AA 55505514

By ensuring precise measurements of the intake air pressure, this sensor helps optimize engine performance and efficiency. With its reliable and accurate functionality, it allows for smooth operation and better overall control of your vehicle.55505514 Intake Pressure Sensor For Chevrolet GM LOVA 28356283 28356282 28439888 28439124 28357584 68364659AA 55505514.

Choose the Intake Air Pressure Sensor for its exceptional performance and durability. Trust in its ability to provide accurate readings and contribute to the smooth functioning of your vehicle's engine.28356282 Orginal MAP Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor For BYD S6 S6 Southeast DX3 DX7 Baic Huansu.

Sensor Features

1. High accuracy: The intake pressure sensor adopts advanced high-precision sensor technology and digital signal processing technology, which has very high measurement accuracy and reliability, and can achieve accurate air flow detection.

2. Rapid response: The intake air pressure sensor has the characteristics of rapid response. It can detect changes in air flow in a short time and feed it back to the vehicle's control system to maintain the engine's working condition at its best.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection: By accurately detecting the engine's air flow and intake pressure, the intake pressure sensor can achieve precise fuel injection quantity control, thereby avoiding the waste of fuel and the emission of pollutants, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.


For BYD S6 S6 Southeast DX3 DX7 Baic Huansu.

For Chevrolet GM LOVA.

For Dodge Challenger.

For GMC Chevrolet Lova.

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