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Black Yamaha AEROX 155 NVX 155 Throttle Body

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Product Information
Intake size: 32MM 34MM 36MM
Fit for: NVX155/AEROX155/NMAX155 V2
Any color can be customized and OEM brand available
  • RB-TB044

Introduction of AEROX 155 Throttle Body

The Black Yamaha AEROX 155 Throttle Body is a component of the Yamaha AEROX 155 motorcycle and is mainly used to control the engine's throttle. The throttle body is one of the vital components in the motorcycle engine control system, responsible for adjusting the mixture ratio of air and fuel to control the engine speed and power output. The Black Yamaha AEROX 155 Throttle Body is usually made of high-strength materials with good durability and stability, ensuring smooth engine operation and performance.

The black appearance adopts the electrophoretic coating process, which can provide even coverage, protective performance, environmental protection, good adhesion, good appearance and high production efficiency. These are the advantages of electrophoretic coating. We are here to provide Customers are provided with high quality products of the highest level.

AEROX 155 Throttle Body Specifications

Intake size:28MM / 30MM / 32MM / 34MM / 36MM

Fit for:Motorcycle Racing Throttle Body AEROX 155 NVX155 28MM / 30MM / 32MM / 34MM / 36MM for Yamaha motorcycle

OEM : B65-E3750-00 2DP-E3750-00

Net Weight: 237G

Gross weight:290G

Package size:16.5*10.5*9cm

Packaging content:1PCS Throttle Body

Quality :  100% Brand New A-CLASS Quality

AEROX 155 Throttle Body

AEROX 155 Throttle Body Features

The AEROX 155 Throttle Body (Throttle Body) of AEROX 155 refers to one of the key components that controls the amount of air intake in the engine. Its main functions include:

Valve control: AEROX 155 Throttle Body adjusts the engine speed and power output by controlling the engine air intake.

Response adjustment: The design and adjustment of the AEROX 155 Throttle Body affects the response speed of the engine.

Fuel Efficiency: A properly adjusted AEROX 155 Throttle Body can help improve fuel efficiency.

Emission Control: The AEROX 155 Throttle Body can also affect engine emission levels.

Driving experience: AEROX 155 Throttle Body may be specially designed and tuned to provide a better driving experience.

Lightweight design: The Aerox 155's throttle adopts a lightweight design, which reduces the weight of the vehicle and improves handling performance and fuel economy.

High durability: The throttle uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, which has good durability and reliability and can maintain stable performance over a long period of use.

Adapted models of AEROX 155 throttle body

The Black AEROX 155 throttle valve is typically designed and manufactured specifically for Yamaha AEROX 155 models. Therefore, it is mainly suitable for Yamaha AEROX 155 motorcycles or other models using the same engine and specifications. This throttle may not fit other models as each model's engine design and specifications may differ and require a specifically designed throttle to ensure compatibility and performance.

The NVX 155 throttle body is mainly suitable for Yamaha NVX 155 motorcycles or other models using the same engine and specifications. Typically, a throttle is customized to the engine design and specifications of a specific vehicle model, so it may not work on other models. To ensure compatibility and performance, it's best to choose original or certified replacement parts designed specifically for the NVX 155.

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