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Silver Yamaha XMAX 250 300 Motorcycle Throttle Body

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Name: Throttle Body
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Application: XMAX250/XMAX300
Product Size:38mm/40mm/42mm
  • RB-TB041

Introduction to XMAX250/300 throttle body

It is suitable for Yamaha XMAX250 and XMAX300 motorcycles and can replace the original throttle valve.

Improve combustion efficiency: By optimizing the intake air flow and mixture distribution, the XMAX300 throttle can better achieve complete combustion of fuel, thereby improving combustion efficiency and reducing energy waste.

Increased power output: By increasing air intake and improving combustion efficiency, the XMAX300 throttle can provide more power output, making the motorcycle faster and smoother during acceleration and driving.

Improved acceleration response: The design of the XMAX300 throttle valve makes the throttle response more agile, reducing throttle delay, making the motorcycle more flexible and faster when starting and accelerating.

Durable and reliable: Using high-quality materials and precision manufacturing processes, the XMAX300 throttle valve has excellent durability and reliability, and can operate stably for a long time.

Throttle body specification data

Name: XMAX 250/300 Throttle Body

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Application: XMAX250/XMAX300

Product Size:38mm/40mm/42mm

Package Size:10*10*10cm

Gross Weight:350g

XMAX 300 Throttle Body

Application range of XMAX250/300 throttle valve

Motorcycle modification enthusiasts: For enthusiasts who like to modify motorcycles, the XMAX300 throttle is an ideal choice. It can make the motorcycle more powerful and flexible and enhance driving pleasure by improving combustion efficiency and increasing power output.

Track competition: The high-performance design of the XMAX300 throttle makes it ideal for track competition. It can provide greater air intake and faster throttle response, helping riders achieve better acceleration and overtaking effects in races.

Long-distance travel: The increased power output of the XMAX300 throttle can make the motorcycle more easily cope with various road conditions and slopes during long-distance travel. It can provide better climbing ability and acceleration performance, making riding more comfortable and safer.

In short, the XMAX300 throttle is suitable for riders who want to improve the performance and driving experience of their motorcycles. Whether they are modifying, competing on the track, or traveling long distances, it can play an excellent role.

Modification of XMAX300 throttle body

The XMAX300 throttle body is a modified accessory used to replace the original throttle body to improve engine performance and driving experience.

Adaptability: The XMAX300 throttle body needs to match the engine system of the Yamaha XMAX300 motorcycle to ensure that it can connect and work correctly during installation. Before purchasing, please make sure the throttle body you choose is fully compatible with your motorcycle model.

Installation Skills: Installing the XMAX300 throttle body requires certain technical and mechanical knowledge.

Tuning and Mapping: After installing the XMAX300 throttle body, the motorcycle's fuel system may need to be tuned and mapped to ensure optimal throttle body performance.

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