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Black Yamaha XMAX250 XMAX300 Motorcycle Throttle Body

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Intake size:38MM/40MM/42MM
Compatibility years
2017 Yamaha XMAX 300
2018 Yamaha XMAX 300
2019 Yamaha XMAX 300
2020 Yamaha XMAX 300
  • RB-TB041

Introduction to Black throttle body

The throttle body of the YAMAHA XMAX 300 is an important part of the engine fuel injection system. It controls the mixing ratio of air and fuel to ensure that the engine can operate at optimal performance. Normally, the throttle valve is located at the inlet of the intake manifold. The air flow is controlled by adjusting the opening and closing of the throttle valve, thereby affecting the engine speed and output power.

The throttle body of the YAMAHA XMAX 250 is usually made of aluminum alloy or plastic, with precision design and manufacturing processes to ensure reliable performance and long-term durability. It includes a throttle sensor that detects the throttle position and sends this information to the engine control unit (ECU) to adjust the amount of fuel injection.

Throttle body related specifications

YAMAHA XMAX 250 throttle body specifications may vary depending on production batch and market region. Generally speaking, the following are possible specifications:

Size: The size of the throttle body is usually related to the displacement and design of the engine. Approximate sizes include 38mm/40mm/42mm.

Material: The throttle body is usually made of aluminum alloy or plastic, which is corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant to ensure long-term reliable operation.

XMAX250 Throttle Body

Compatible vehicle introduction

Yamaha XMAX 250 is a popular urban motorcycle. It has flexible maneuverability and powerful power performance, suitable for daily commuting and short trips in the city. The XMAX 250 is equipped with a 249cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, providing smooth and reliable power output.

Yamaha XMAX 300 is an urban motorcycle with powerful power and stylish design. It is equipped with a 292cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that provides excellent acceleration performance and high-speed cruising capabilities. XMAX 300 has a lightweight body design and flexible handling, making it suitable for traveling in cities and long-distance travel.

Throttle Body Application Specifications

The throttle body of the YAMAHA XMAX 300 is a key component of the motorcycle engine, used to control the amount of air and fuel mixture entering the engine. It is controlled by the motorcycle's throttle. When the throttle is opened, the throttle valve opens, allowing more air and fuel to enter the engine, increasing power output; when the throttle is closed, the throttle valve closes, restricting the flow of air and fuel, reducing power. output.

In YAMAHA XMAX 300, the application areas of the throttle include but are not limited to: engine performance, displacement control and driving experience.

YAMAHA XMAX 300 throttle body is mainly suitable for Yamaha XMAX 250 and 300 EFI motorcycles of different years, each throttle body corresponds to its corresponding model. Mismatched throttle bodies will not work on the vehicle.

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