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Blue Throttle Position Senor 16060-K35-V01 Motorcycle TPS

5 0 Reviews
Color : Blue Color
Fit For : PCX150/PCX125/ADV150
Packing : Neutral Packing
Material : ABS Plastic
  • RB-TPR003

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

Product and Service Advantages

Quality and reliability: The quality of Blue 16060-K35-V01 Throttle Position Sensor directly affects the performance and stability of the car engine. Therefore, it is key to choose TPS with reliable brand and high quality of our company. This includes considering the sensor's durability, accuracy, and stability under a variety of operating conditions.

Compatibility and Adaptability: Choosing the Blue 16060-K35-V01 Throttle Position Sensor produced by our company ensures that the selected TPS can accurately match the required car model and engine type. Different car models may require different designs of TPS, so ensuring compatibility is a must.

Price and cost-effectiveness: While quality is key, the price and cost-effectiveness of the Blue 16060-K35-V01 Throttle Position Sensor also need to be considered. Our company's higher quality sensors provide longer life, more reliable performance and may be more cost effective in the long run.

Supply chain stability: Our company is a stable manufacturer that can stably ensure the supply of high-quality TPS to customers, and has good after-sales service and technical support. A stable supply chain can help reduce the risk of breakdowns and delays.

Technical Support and Warranty Policy: Choosing our company to become a supplier is a wise choice. This provides necessary support during installation and use, as well as warranty service when needed.

16060-K35-V01 Throttle Position Sensor

Control Sensor Working Range

Temperature Range: The Blue 16060-K35-V01 Throttle Position Sensor must be able to operate properly over a wide temperature range, as the operating environment of a motorcycle engine may experience temperature changes from extremely low to extremely high temperatures. Sensors need to maintain accurate and stable output under these conditions.

Vibration and Shock: Motorcycles are subject to vibration and shock from the road when driving, so the Blue 16060-K35-V01 Throttle Position Sensor must be able to withstand these vibrations and maintain its accurate measurement function to ensure the stability of the engine control system.

Humidity and waterproof performance: Motorcycles operate in various weather conditions, and the Blue 16060-K35-V01 Throttle Position Sensor must have good waterproof performance to prevent moisture or humidity from affecting its electronic components.

Chemical Resistance: The Blue 16060-K35-V01 Throttle Position Sensor needs to be resistant to chemicals found in the motorcycle engine area, such as oil, lubricants, and fuel vapors.

EMI/RFI interference: A vehicle's electronic system may produce electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI), and the TPS needs to be designed to withstand these interferences to ensure its stable performance and accurate output.

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