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MBK Booster X Nitro Ovetto 50cc 4 Stroke Throttle Body

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Compatible Vehicle Models
MBK Booster X 50cc 4-Stroke Scooter
MBK Nitro 50cc 4-Stroke Scooter
MBK Ovetto 50cc 4-Stroke Scooter
  • RB-TB016

Product related information

When discussing the throttle body for a Minarelli 4-stroke Euro 4 engine, it's important to delve into several aspects to provide a comprehensive understanding. The Minarelli engines, especially those compliant with the Euro 4 emissions standards, are widely used in scooters and small motorcycles. The Euro 4 standard, which came into effect in January 2016, significantly tightened the limits on exhaust emissions from motorcycles, requiring advancements in engine and exhaust system technologies.

Understanding the Throttle Body

The throttle body is a crucial component of the air intake system in an internal combustion engine. It manages the amount of air flowing into the engine, which in turn determines the engine's power and efficiency. In a fuel-injected engine, like those found in modern Minarelli 4-stroke models, the throttle body is positioned between the air filter and the intake manifold. It features a butterfly valve that opens and closes in response to the accelerator pedal, regulating air flow.

MBK Booster Throttle Body

Features Specific to MBK Scooter Models

Electronic Control: Euro 4 Minarelli engines are likely to feature an electronically controlled throttle body (often referred to as "drive-by-wire"), which offers more precise control over the air-fuel mixture, improving performance and reducing emissions.

Integrated Sensors: The throttle body may include various sensors, such as a throttle position sensor (TPS) and sometimes an intake air temperature sensor, to provide feedback to the engine's electronic control unit (ECU). This integration helps in adjusting the fuel injection and ignition timing for optimal combustion.

Material and Design: To meet the stringent Euro 4 standards, manufacturers might use materials and designs that reduce weight and improve airflow, contributing to overall engine efficiency and lower emissions.

Installation and Adjustment

When installing or adjusting a throttle body on a Minarelli 4-stroke Euro 4 engine, it's essential to follow specific guidelines:

Injection Throttle Body Inclusion

For MBK Booster X 50cc 4-Stroke

For MBK Nitro 50cc 4-Stroke

For MBK Ovetto 50cc 4-Stroke

Compatibility: Ensure the throttle body is designed for the specific model and engine type. Using incompatible parts can lead to poor performance and increased emissions.

Calibration: After installation, the throttle body and its sensors need proper calibration. This usually requires specialized equipment and should be done according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including cleaning the throttle body and checking its sensors, is vital for maintaining engine performance and compliance with emissions standards.


The throttle body is a key component in ensuring that Minarelli 4-stroke Euro 4 engines meet the required emissions standards while delivering optimal performance. Its design and functionality have evolved to incorporate electronic control and advanced sensors, reflecting the industry's move towards more efficient and environmentally friendly engine technologies. Proper installation, calibration, and maintenance are crucial for leveraging the full benefits of these advancements.

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