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Honda CG 125 FAN CG 160 START 16410-KWG-E01 Throttle Body

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Compatible With Models
For Honda CG125 FAN 2015
For Honda CG125 FAN 2016
For Honda CG125 FAN 2017
For Honda CG125 FAN 2018
For Honda CG125 FAN 2019
For Honda CG125 FAN 2020
For Honda CG125 FAN 2021
For Honda CG160 START 2016
For Honda CG160 START 2017
For Honda CG160 START 2018
For Honda CG160 START 2019
For Honda CG160 START 2020
For Honda CG160 START 2021
For Honda CG160 START 2022
  • RB-TB009

Product Introduction

CG 125 FAN is a motorcycle model produced by Honda that is popular for its durability and economy. The throttle body is an important part of the motorcycle fuel supply system. It is responsible for controlling the amount of air entering the engine, thus affecting the power and operating status of the engine. Regarding the appearance characteristics of the CG 125 FAN throttle body, although I cannot provide specific images, I can give you some basic descriptions based on the usual throttle body characteristics:

Position and shape: The throttle body of the CG 125 FAN is usually located between the air filter and the engine, and is cylindrical, sometimes slightly oval in shape, to adapt to the needs of air flow.

Material: Most throttle bodies are made of metal (such as aluminum alloy) because metal has good heat resistance and durability and can withstand the high temperatures and vibrations during engine operation.

Interfaces and connections: There are usually interfaces at both ends of the throttle body, one end is connected to the air filter, and the other end is connected to the engine's intake pipe. These interfaces may have clamping devices or threads to ensure an air-tight and secure connection.

Throttle valve: Inside the throttle body, there is a rotatable throttle valve (or throttle blade), which increases or decreases the opening area by rotating to control the amount of air entering the engine. When accelerating, the throttle valve opens, allowing more air to flow into the engine.

Operating Mechanism: The throttle body will have a mechanism for operating the throttle valve, usually a linkage or an electronic control unit (in an electronic throttle control system). For traditional models like the CG 125 FAN, the operating mechanism may be mechanical, controlled directly via the accelerator cable.

Sensors and electronics: On some modern motorcycles equipped with electronic throttle control (ETC), the throttle body may be equipped with electronics such as a position sensor to monitor the position of the throttle valve and feed the data back to the engine control unit ( ECU). However, for more classic models such as the CG 125 FAN, the throttle body may be relatively simple and does not contain complex electronic control components.

Throttle body Parts

throttle cover

Throttle butterfly plate

Throttle Shaft


Idle speed adjustment screw

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS, Throttle Position Sensor

Air flow or pressure sensor

CG 125 FAN Throttle Body

Throttle body Compatibility

HONDA CG 125 FAN 2015 A 2018

HONDA CG 160 START 2016 A 2023

The throttle body is a critical component of a motorcycle engine's fuel delivery system, especially those modern motorcycles with electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems. As a popular motorcycle, the functions of the throttle body of the CG 125 FAN mainly include the following aspects:

1. Control air flow

The core function of the throttle body is to control the amount of air entering the combustion chamber within the engine. By adjusting the throttle opening (that is, the opening degree of the throttle valve), the air flow entering the engine can be controlled, thereby affecting the engine's power output and operating status.

2. Adjust air-fuel ratio

In the EFI system, the throttle body works together with the electronic control unit (ECU), fuel injector and other components to accurately control the fuel injection amount based on various parameters such as throttle opening, engine speed, temperature, etc. to achieve the ideal Air-fuel ratio. This is critical to increasing engine efficiency, lowering emissions and improving performance.

3. Improve driving response

The response speed of the throttle body directly affects the driver's sense of control over acceleration. During driving, the driver adjusts the throttle to change the throttle opening, thereby quickly adjusting the engine output, making the driving experience more direct and responsive.

4. Provide idle speed control

On some motorcycles, the throttle body will be equipped with an idle speed control valve (IAC valve). This valve can automatically adjust the air flow at idle speed to keep the engine running stably at the preset idle speed. This is important to improve engine stability and reduce emissions.

5. Support advanced engine management functions

On motorcycles equipped with advanced electronic control systems, the throttle body can also support advanced engine management functions including cruise control, traction control, etc. These functions are realized by precisely controlling the throttle opening, further improving driving safety. and comfort.

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