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32mm 34mm 36mm Honda EFI Motorcycle Throttle Body

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Company Number : RB-TB004
Material : Aluminum Alloy
Product Part Number :16410-K36-032/16410-K36-034/16410-K36-036

Product Name

32mm 34mm 36mm Honda EFI Motorcycle Throttle Body

Product Introduction

This Honda throttle body design includes three different throttle plate diameters, 32mm, 34mm and 36mm. This design can adapt to various displacement and types of engines and provide flexible options. Motorcycle owners can choose the most suitable throttle plate diameter according to specific needs and driving style to optimize engine performance and fuel economy. This design also demonstrates the manufacturer's strength in technological innovation and product diversification, providing users with more personalized and flexible options.

32mm throttle body

How the Product Works

Throttle Input: The rider twists the throttle grip.

Throttle Response: The throttle valve plate rotates, allowing more or less air to enter the intake manifold.

Air Flow Change: The changed air flow is detected by the air flow meter (if any) or by other means.

Fuel Adjustment: The ECU adjusts the amount of fuel injected by the injector based on the air flow and other sensor inputs (such as TPS) to achieve the ideal air-fuel ratio.

Mixed Gas Enters the Cylinder: The adjusted air and fuel mixture enters the engine cylinder for combustion.

Product Similarities

1.Respond quickly

2.Improve acceleration performance

3.Improve engine efficiency

4.Support electronic control

5.Better air flow control

6.Reduce airflow vibration and noise

7.Suitable for many vehicle types

8.Improve driving experience

Product Differences

Engine Capacity

A 32mm throttle plate diameter is generally suitable for small displacement engines, especially in cars and motorcycles.

The 34mm throttle plate diameter can provide more air flow, which is particularly beneficial for mid-displacement engines (such as 1.6L to 2.0L engines).

The 36mm throttle plate diameter can significantly increase the air flow entering the engine and is very suitable for large-displacement engines (such as 2.0L and above), which can fully meet their air intake needs and improve power output.

Speed Performance

32mm throttle plate diameter At low speeds, the smaller throttle plate diameter helps increase the intake air speed, thereby increasing the torque output in the low speed area.

The larger throttle plate diameters of 34mm and 36mm allow more air to enter the engine, especially at high rpm. This will increase the engine's power output in the high-speed range, allowing the vehicle to perform better during high-speed driving or acceleration.

Performance Modification

The 34mm and 36mm throttle body diameters are popular in automotive performance modifications, which can support greater performance improvements, including modifications such as the intake system, exhaust system and turbocharging, to unleash the maximum potential of the engine.

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