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Honda ADV150 PCX150 PCX ADV 150 Throttle Body

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Basic Information
Material: Aluminum alloy
Intake size:28mm 30mm 32mm 34mm
Packing: Neutral Box
Package Content: 1PC Throttle Body
Quality:  100% Brand New Throttle Body
  • RB-TB045

Throttle Body Introduction

Honda PCX150 throttle body is a component used in automobile engines. It is made of aluminum alloy and has high strength and corrosion resistance. The main function of this product is to control the amount of air and fuel mixture entering the engine to adjust the engine speed and power output.

The Honda PCX150 throttle body adopts an electronic throttle control system, which can accurately adjust the throttle opening according to changes in engine load and speed, thereby achieving optimal combustion efficiency and power output. It is also equipped with sensors and actuators to communicate and work in coordination with the engine control unit.

This product has the following features and advantages: high-precision control, fuel saving, improved power output, strong durability, and easy installation.

PCX150 Throttle Body

Throttle body adapts to work environment

High-temperature environment: The motorcycle engine will generate high temperatures when working, and the temperature in the intake duct will also increase accordingly. The Honda PCX125 Throttle Body needs to work properly in a high-temperature environment, so it is usually made of high -temperature-resistant materials, such as high-strength aluminum alloy or stainless steel.

High-pressure environment: There is high air pressure in the intake duct of the motorcycle engine, and the Honda PCX125 Throttle Body needs to withstand a certain amount of pressure. Therefore, components such as the throttle body and sealing gasket need to have good sealing and pressure resistance to ensure the sealing and normal operation of the intake duct.

Vibration environment: A motorcycle will generate vibrations during driving, and these vibrations will also be transmitted to the Honda PCX125 Throttle Body. In order to ensure the reliability and stability of the throttle body, it needs to have a certain anti-vibration ability to avoid loosening or damage.

Environmental pollution: There will be certain pollutants in the air intake of motorcycles, such as dust, grease, etc. These contaminants may enter the throttle body and affect its normal operation. Therefore, Honda PCX125 Throttle Body usually need to have some self-cleaning capabilities to reduce the accumulation of contaminants.

The Difference Between Original and Aftermarket Honda ADV150 Throttle Body

Materials and Manufacturing Process: Original throttle bodies are usually produced by the motorcycle manufacturer themselves, using high-quality materials and precision manufacturing processes. This ensures that the original Honda ADV150 Throttle Body is of high quality and reliability. Aftermarket throttle bodies, on the other hand, are produced by third-party manufacturers and may have different materials and manufacturing processes, as well as differences in quality and reliability.

Adaptability and Compatibility: The original Honda ADV150 Throttle Body is designed and produced according to the motorcycle manufacturer's specifications and requirements, so it has good adaptability and compatibility. They can directly replace the original vehicle's Honda ADV150 Throttle Body and match perfectly with other original accessories. Aftermarket throttle bodies may have different specifications and sizes, and their fit and compatibility may vary. You need to carefully choose the product that suits your motorcycle model.

Price and Warranty: Original throttle bodies usually cost more because they are original accessories supplied by the motorcycle manufacturer. At the same time, the original Honda ADV150 Throttle Body usually has a corresponding warranty policy and can enjoy the warranty service provided by the manufacturer. Aftermarket throttle bodies are usually cheaper, but may not have a corresponding warranty policy, and you need to bear the risk of quality problems at your own expense.

Quality and performance: The original Honda ADV150 Throttle Body has undergone strict quality control and testing and has high quality and performance. Manufacturers usually make continuous improvements and optimizations to provide a better user experience. The quality and performance of aftermarket throttle bodies may vary, and selection needs to be based on the specific brand and product.

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