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Honda CG TITAN 150 16400-KVS-614 Throttle Body

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NXR 150 BROS 11/12

Code: 16400-KVS-614
  • RB-TB019

Environment Presentation

Honda CG 150 Titan is a motorcycle model produced by Honda. This model is very popular in Brazil. It is equipped with a 150cc engine and has good fuel economy and reliability. The 2009 CG 150 Titan may have some specific designs and technical specifications, but for specific details, you may need to consult the official information of that year or car-related media reports. This motorcycle is usually used for daily commuting and city riding, and has simple and practical features.

Honda CG Titan 150 ESI is a motorcycle model launched by Honda in 2011. It uses a 150cc engine and has Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology to provide better fuel economy and power performance. This model may also have some other features, such as front and rear disc brakes, electric start, digital instrument panel, etc.

The CG Titan 150 ESI is very popular in areas such as Brazil and is suitable for daily commuting and city riding.

The Honda CG 150 Titan is equipped with an electronic fuel injection system, which gives the motorcycle advantages in terms of fuel economy, power output and emission control. The electronic fuel injection system monitors and adjusts fuel injection through the electronic control unit (ECU) to achieve more precise fuel supply and ensure that the engine can achieve optimal performance and efficiency under various operating conditions.

The following are some features and advantages of the Honda CG 150 Titan electronic fuel injection system:

Fuel economy: The electronic fuel injection system can adjust fuel supply in real time according to engine load and speed, thereby improving fuel economy. It can accurately control the fuel injection amount according to actual needs to ensure full combustion of fuel and reduce fuel consumption.

Power output: Through precise control of fuel injection by the electronic control unit, the electronic fuel injection system can optimize the engine's power output and ensure smooth power response in different speed ranges.

Emission Control: The electronic fuel injection system effectively monitors and controls emissions to meet local emission standards. It can reduce harmful emissions through technologies such as fine combustion control and catalytic converters

CG 150 TITAN Throttle Body

Why to Choose Throttle Body

There are several reasons for choosing the Honda CG 150 Titan’s throttle body:

Quality and Reliability: Honda, as a well-known motorcycle manufacturer, is known for its excellent quality and reliability. The Honda CG 150 Titan's throttle body is carefully designed and manufactured to ensure its durability and long life.

Configuration and Performance: The Honda CG 150 Titan’s throttle body adopts advanced technology and design to provide optimized fuel economy and power output. It achieves more efficient combustion and better acceleration performance by precisely controlling air flow.

Compatibility and Easy Maintenance: Honda CG 150 Titan's throttle body is designed for this specific model, so it has good compatibility and adaptability. This makes servicing and replacing the throttle body much more convenient and easier.

Dealer network and support: Since Honda is an internationally renowned brand, it has an extensive dealer network and service support around the world. This means you can easily find a genuine Honda CG 150 Titan throttle body and professional repair service.

Market recognition and word-of-mouth: Honda CG 150 Titan enjoys good reputation and recognition in many markets. It is praised by motorcycle enthusiasts, and its throttle body is also highly recognized as one of the key components.

Aftermarket Throttle Body

The CG 150 TITAN Throttle Body is a very important component in the motorcycle engine, which directly affects the engine's efficiency and performance. In the aftermarket, the maintenance and replacement of NXR 150 BROS Throttle Body is very important. The power output and fuel economy of motorcycles can be improved by replacing them with high-performance throttle bodies. In addition, regular cleaning and adjustment of the throttle body can also ensure the normal operation of the motorcycle engine. Therefore, there is a great demand in the aftermarket for CG 150 TITAN Throttle Body maintenance and updates, and can provide better performance and reliability for motorcycles.

NXR 150 BROS Throttle Body play a vital role in the aftermarket. As motorcycle enthusiasts' pursuit of performance and efficiency continues to increase, the demand for replacing the original throttle body and upgrading performance is also gradually growing. Aftermarket NXR 150 BROS Throttle Body provide more choices. You can choose throttle bodies of different materials, shapes and performance characteristics according to personal needs to achieve better power output, fuel economy and driving experience.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, aftermarket NXR 150 BROS Throttle Body not only provide more personalized and customized options, but also bring greater room for performance improvement to their motorcycles. Therefore, NXR 150 BROS Throttle Body play a very important role in the after-sales market and play a vital role in improving motorcycle performance and personalization.

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