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Honda LEAD 110 CLICK 110 16400-KVB-T01 Throttle Body

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Installation Scope Control
Honda LEAD 110 2012-2014
Honda ELITE 110 NHX110 2008-2010
Honda SPACY 110
Honda CLICK 110
Honda SCR 110 2009-2010
  • RB-TB025

Throttle body Specifications

The throttle body specifications of Honda LEAD110 are as follows:

Engine model: AFH02E

Displacement: 108cc

Replace Part Number:16400-KVB-T01/T02

Intake mode: single cylinder, four-stroke, air cooling

Maximum horsepower: 6.4hp @ 8,500rpm

Maximum torque: 0.84kgf.m @ 5,000rpm

Models:Honda LEAD 110  2012-2014/Honda CLICK 110 110cc

LEAD 110 Throttle Body

Application Areas Of Throttle Body

Honda LEAD110 is a motorcycle model and the throttle body is an important part of the engine. The throttle body is mainly used to control the engine air intake and adjust the mixing ratio of fuel and air to ensure normal engine operation. Therefore, the application areas of throttle bodies mainly involve engine technology and automotive engineering.

On the Honda LEAD110 motorcycle, the function of the throttle body is to adjust the engine's output power and fuel economy by controlling the amount of air intake. By opening or closing the throttle, the flow of air can be controlled to adjust engine speed and power output.

In short, the application field of the throttle body on the Honda LEAD110 motorcycle is mainly related to engine technology and power system, and is used to control the air intake volume and adjust the engine power output.

Vehicle Overview

Honda LEAD110 is a very classic motorcycle that is very popular. It is equipped with a 110cc engine and is suitable for urban riding and transportation. The 2012 2013 2014 LEAD110 has stable performance and good fuel economy, making it a reliable vehicle. If you have any specific questions about this motorcycle or need more information, feel free to ask me.

The 2012 2013 2014 Honda LEAD110 is equipped with a single-cylinder, air-cooled four-stroke engine. This engine has a displacement of 110cc, provides sufficient power and good fuel economy, and is very suitable for urban riding and transportation.

The Honda Click 110 is equipped with a 110cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. It utilizes Honda's advanced PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) system for improved fuel efficiency and performance. The engine is designed to deliver smooth power delivery and reliable performance for everyday commuting.

The Honda Click 110 features a 110cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. This engine is known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and smooth power delivery, making it suitable for urban commuting and daily use. With Honda's reputation for durable and efficient engines, the Click 110's powerplant provides a good balance of performance and economy for riders.

Throttle Body Effect Quality

The CLICK 110 throttle body of Honda LEAD 110 is an important part of the engine, and its effect is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Power output adjustment: The CLICK 110 throttle body can accurately adjust the air intake volume according to the driver's operation, thus affecting the engine's power output. By controlling the opening and closing of the throttle, fine adjustment of vehicle power can be achieved, providing smoother and more flexible power output.

Fuel Economy: The design and control of the CLICK 110 throttle body has an important impact on fuel economy. Reasonable throttle design can help optimize the air-fuel ratio and improve combustion efficiency, thereby reducing fuel consumption and improving fuel economy.

Response speed: A good throttle design can ensure the response speed of the system, allowing the engine to quickly adjust the air intake volume under different working conditions to meet the vehicle's power needs and provide sensitive driving response.

Emission control: By controlling the intake air volume, the CLICK 110 throttle body also indirectly affects emission control. Reasonable air intake control can help improve the efficiency of the exhaust gas treatment system and reduce the content of discharged pollutants.

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