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Piaggio Liberty 50 1A007324 Throttle Body

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Adaptation Field
Piaggio Liberty 50 2020
Piaggio Liberty 50 2019
Piaggio Liberty 50 4T 2018
Piaggio Liberty 50 I-GET 2017
  • RB-TB013

Product Name

Piaggio Throttle Body for Piaggio Liberty 50 4T I-GET

Product Presentation

Piaggio throttle body is a component used for engine fuel supply, mainly used in internal combustion engines such as cars and motorcycles. It is an air flow control device used to control the flow of air into the cylinders in an engine.

The Piaggio throttle body is usually made of aluminum alloy or plastic and has a rotatable butterfly valve that controls the air flow by adjusting the opening of the butterfly valve. When the butterfly valve is fully open, maximum air flow will enter the engine, providing maximum power output. When the butterfly valve is closed, the air flow is reduced and the engine speed is reduced.

The Piaggio throttle body is also equipped with some sensors, such as air mass sensor and throttle position sensor, to monitor air flow and butterfly valve position, and send this information to the engine control unit (ECU). The ECU adjusts the fuel injection amount based on the received sensor signals to achieve optimal combustion efficiency and power output.

The design and tuning of the Piaggio throttle body is critical to engine performance and fuel economy. Reasonable air flow control can provide better acceleration response and combustion efficiency, thereby improving engine performance and fuel economy.

Throttle Body Part Number:1A007324

Throttle Plate Diameter :22mm

Compatible With Scooters

For Piaggio Liberty 50 2020

For Piaggio Liberty 50 2019

For Piaggio Liberty 50 4T 2018

For Piaggio Liberty 50 I-GET 2017

Piaggio Liberty 50 throttle body

Product Function

The throttle body of the Piaggio Liberty 50 plays a key role in the motorcycle engine. Its main functions include:

Controlling air flow: The throttle valve opens or closes to control the amount of air entering the engine, thereby affecting the mixing ratio of fuel and air. Adjusting the throttle can control the engine speed and power output.

Responsive Throttle Operation: When the rider steps on the accelerator, the throttle valve opens accordingly, increasing air flow and allowing the engine to produce more power. When you release the throttle, the throttle valve closes, reducing air flow.

Improved fuel efficiency: By precisely controlling the amount of air entering the engine, the throttle helps optimize the combustion efficiency of fuel and improve fuel economy.

Stable engine operation: The normal operation of the throttle helps maintain stable engine operation and ensures that the engine can receive appropriate air and fuel supply under different operating conditions.

Throttle body production process

The production process of Piaggio throttle body usually includes the following steps:

Design and engineering: First, design drawings and engineering documents for the Piaggio throttle body are developed according to the design requirements and specifications. This stage covers the structural design, material selection, size determination and other work of the product.

Material preparation: According to the design requirements, prepare the raw materials required to manufacture the Piaggio throttle body, usually aluminum alloy or plastic. Materials need to be processed and treated to ensure product quality requirements are met.

Processing and manufacturing: In the processing and manufacturing stage, raw materials are cut, formed, drilled, grinded and processed through CNC machine tools and other equipment to process the parts into the final shape and size.

Assembly: Assemble the processed parts, including installing butterfly valves, sensors, seals, etc. After the assembly is completed, strict testing and debugging are carried out to ensure the normal operation and coordination of each part.

Surface treatment: Piaggio throttle body parts usually require surface treatment, such as spraying, anodizing, etc., to improve appearance quality and corrosion resistance.

Quality inspection: After assembly and surface treatment, the Piaggio throttle body undergoes a comprehensive quality inspection, including appearance inspection, functional testing, sealing testing, etc., to ensure that the product meets design requirements and standards.

Packaging and leaving the factory: Finally, the Piaggio throttle body that has passed the quality inspection is packaged according to customer requirements and prepared for shipment to the customer.

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