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Purple 16060-KVS-J01 Motorcycle TPS Throttle Position Sensor

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Color:Purple Color
Position:Throttle Body
Replacement Part:16060-KVS-J01
  • RB-TPR001 Purple

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

Product models and specifications


2. Dimensions and weight:58*52*46mm/0.055KG

3. Material:ABS material

4. Electrical parameters:International standards

5. Certification:ISO9001

6. Operating Voltage: 5V DC

7. Measurement Angle: 0~120°

8. Output Signal: 0~5V Analog Quantity

9. Operating Temperature: -40~+150 ℃

10. Ambient Temperature: -40~+150 ℃

RS150 Throttle Position Sensor

Product Features

High sensitivity: The sensor has high sensitivity to changes in throttle position and can capture tiny changes in throttle opening.

Low power consumption: The power consumption of sensors is usually very low and can meet the energy consumption requirements of motorcycle electrical systems.

Good protective performance: The sensor is waterproof, dustproof, and anti-vibration, and can work normally in harsh environments.

Easy installation: Sensor installation is usually simple and does not require extensive debugging and calibration.

Technical Features

Automobile industry: Motorcycle throttle position sensors are widely used in automobile engine systems to measure the position and opening of the throttle to ensure the stability and reliability of engine operation.

Industrial automation: Motorcycle throttle position sensors can also be used in industrial automation control systems, such as control systems for machine tools, metallurgical equipment, fans, water pumps and other equipment.

Aerospace: Motorcycle throttle position sensors can also be used in the aerospace field, such as aircraft engine control systems, missile control systems, etc.

Military equipment: Motorcycle throttle position sensors are also used in military equipment, such as tanks, armored vehicles, rocket launchers, etc.

Applicable Models

For Honda SH125 2017-2018

For Honda SH150 2017-2018

For Honda RS150 2015-2020

For Honda RS150R 2015-2020

For Honda CB190R 2016-2020

Quality Assurance

Safety: The safety of motorcycle accessories is very important, and they should comply with relevant safety standards and regulations. For example, accessories such as braking systems, suspension systems, and lighting systems must be able to provide sufficient safety performance when used to ensure safe riding.

Compatibility: Motorcycle accessories should be matched to the specific car model and model to ensure compatibility of installation and use. The right accessories can work better with other parts of your motorcycle, improving overall performance and reliability.

Durability: The durability of motorcycle accessories refers to their ability to maintain stable performance and lifespan over long-term use. Good durability means accessories can withstand daily use and harsh environments, reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements.

Quality certification: Some motorcycle accessories may have relevant quality certifications, such as ISO 9001 certification, etc. These certifications provide consumers with confidence that the product meets international standards and quality requirements.

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