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Red Throttle Position Sensor 16060-KVS-J01 16060-HPH-701 16060-KPH-901

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Color : Red Color
Warranty Time: 1 Year
Original Part Number: 16060-KVS-J01
  • RB-TPR001 Red

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

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Product Profile

Introducing the 16060-KVS-J01 Throttle Position Sensor - the ultimate game-changer for your engine! Get ready to experience a whole new level of performance and precision with this incredible device.

Our 16060-HPH-701 Throttle Position Sensor is designed to detect changes in the opening of the throttle, allowing you to accurately determine the operating conditions of your engine. It is primarily used in engine electronic fuel injection systems and electronic control automatic transmission systems.

With its ability to convert throttle opening changes into electrical signals, this sensor sends crucial information to the electronic control unit (ECU). The ECU then uses this throttle position signal to determine the engine's operating conditions. Talk about cutting-edge technology at your fingertips!16060-KPH-901 Throttle Position Sensor.We have many colors of sensors for customers and buyers to choose from. At the same time, you can also propose your favorite color and we can design the color.

Equipped with a resistor's rotating shaft that is linked to the throttle, this sensor boasts two contact points: the full open contact point and the idle contact point. When the throttle is at idle position, the idle contact point closes, sending a signal to the computer indicating idle conditions. On the other hand, when the throttle is in any other position, the idle contact point opens, generating a voltage signal corresponding to the throttle's different angles.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of enhanced engine performance and control. Upgrade your engine's fuel injection and automatic transmission systems with our Throttle Position Sensor today! Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your driving experience.

Product Advantage

1. Instead of traditional black, we have the advantage of multiple colors.

2. We are the main supplier of this red sensor on the market.

3. For different colors, we can still give you price advantages.

4. We have no minimum order quantity requirements for large quantities.

5. We use acrylonitrile (A), butadiene (B), and styrene (S) mixed materials for production.

6. Perfect product after-sales service. If there are product quality problems, you can contact us at any time and we will reply to customers within 24 hours.

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Product Compatibility

This sensor is compatible with many Honda models of EFI motorcycle throttle bodies.

For Honda CG TITAN 160 EFI Motorcycle

For Honda CG FAN 160 EFI Motorcycle

For Honda WINNER 150 EFI Motorcycle

For Honda RS150 EFI Motorcycle

For Honda RS150R EFI Motorcycle

For Honda SONIC 150 EFI Motorcycle

For Honda CB125R EFI Motorcycle

For Honda CBR150 EFI Motorcycle

For Honda CB150R EFI Motorcycle

For Honda CBR150R EFI Motorcycle

For Honda CBF190R EFI Motorcycle

For Honda CB190 EFI Motorcycle

For Honda CB190R EFI Motorcycle

For Honda CB190TR EFI Motorcycle

For Honda CRF110F EFI Motorcycle

For Honda CRF150F EFI Motorcycle

For Honda SH125 EFI Motorcycle

For Honda SH150 EFI Motorcycle

For Honda SUPRA GTR 150 EFI Motorcycle

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