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Yellow 16060-KVS-J01 Motorcycle TPS Throttle Position Sensor

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Color:Yellow Color
Product Type:Alternatives
Product Number:
  • RB-TPR001 Yellow

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

Throttle Position Sensor Models And Specifications

1.Model:Honda SH125 SH150 RS150 RS150R CB190R

2. Dimensions and weight:58*52*46 mm And 0.045kg

3. Material:Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Plastic

4. Electrical parameters:5V DC

5. Measurement Angle: 0~120°

6. Operating temperature range:

7. Accuracy:0~5V

8. Interface type:-40~+125℃

9. Protection level:Professional level

10. Certification and compliance with standards:Professional Standards

16400-K56-901 TPS

Throttle Position Sensor Function

Detect throttle valve sticking or damage: If the throttle valve becomes stuck or damaged, the throttle position sensor can detect and report it in time for timely repair.

Help diagnose engine failure: By monitoring and controlling the throttle position, the throttle position sensor can help diagnose the cause of motorcycle engine failure.

Improved driving safety: By ensuring engine stability and reliability, the throttle position sensor can help improve driving safety.

Reduce repair costs: Throttle position sensors can help reduce repair costs by promptly detecting and reporting throttle failures.

Improved driving comfort: A throttle position sensor improves driving comfort by ensuring smooth engine operation under varying operating conditions.

Throttle Position Sensor Technical Features

Reliability and durability: Throttle position sensors are usually made of high-quality materials and processes, have high reliability and durability, and can work normally in various harsh environments.

Electronics and digitalization: The sensor uses advanced electronic and digital technology to accurately convert the throttle position into a digital signal and communicate with the vehicle's computer control unit through the data bus.

Automatic calibration function: Some throttle position sensors have an automatic calibration function that can automatically adjust according to working conditions and environmental changes to ensure measurement accuracy and stability.

Compatibility and replaceability: Throttle position sensors usually have standard interfaces and signal outputs, are easy to install and replace, and can be compatible with different brands and models of motorcycles.

Throttle Position Sensor Applicable Models

Honda Forza 125 2019

Honda PCX125 2018

Honda WW125 2015

Honda SH125i 2017-2019

Honda SH125AD, 2017

Honda CRF150F 2017

Honda CRF110F 2019

Throttle Position Sensor Quality Assurance

Resistance test: Use a multimeter to conduct a resistance test on the sensor to check whether the resistance value inside the sensor is within the normal range. The normal range of resistance values can usually be determined from the vehicle's service manual or the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer.

Signal output test: By connecting a diagnostic instrument or an oscilloscope, the signal waveform output by the sensor can be monitored to verify whether the sensor can generate the correct signal and whether the signal is stable during operation.

Functional test: After starting the engine, monitoring the real-time data output by the sensor through a diagnostic instrument can verify whether the sensor can correctly respond to changes in throttle position and transmit relevant information to the vehicle's computer control unit.

Connection test: Check the sensor's connection plug and wiring harness to ensure that the connection is good and there is no looseness or corrosion to avoid abnormal sensor operation due to connection problems.

Environmental adaptability test: Test the sensor under different environmental conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, etc., to verify whether the sensor can work normally in various harsh environments.

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