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Red Throttle Position Sensor 16060-KWF-941 Motorcycle TPS

5 0 Reviews
Model : Aftermarket Product
Raw Materials :  Plastic ABS
Service : Sample Delivery
Fit For : Honda EFI Motorcycle
  • RB-TPR004 Red

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

Product Show

16060-KWF-941 Throttle Position Sensor

Product Profile

Introducing the incredible 16060-KWF-941 Throttle Position Sensor! Get ready to experience a whole new level of engine performance and control.If the customer has any requirements for the product, he or she can contact us in time, and we will inform the customer as soon as possible whether the design can be carried out. Our many years of manufacturing sensors allow us to better answer customers' questions.

Our 16060-GEY-642E Throttle Position Sensor is designed to detect changes in the opening of the throttle, allowing you to accurately monitor your engine's operating conditions. Whether you're using it for your engine's electronic fuel injection system or electronic control automatic transmission system, this sensor is your ultimate companion.

With its ability to convert throttle opening changes into electrical signals that are inputted to the electronic control unit (ECU), you can trust that your engine's operating conditions will be determined with precision. The 16060-KVS-901 sensor's resistor shaft is linked to the throttle, featuring two contact points: the full-open contact point and the idle contact point.90224080 Throttle Position Sensor is the best quality. 

When your throttle is at idle position, the idle contact point closes, sending a signal to the computer indicating idle conditions. On the other hand, when the throttle is at any other position, the idle contact point opens, resulting in voltage signals that correspond to different angles of the throttle.

Get ready to take control of your engine like never before with our honda 16060-KVS-901 Throttle Position Sensor. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise engine performance. Don't miss out on this game-changing product - order yours today!

Company Advantage

1. Our factory has the most types of motorcycle sensors on the market.

2. Precision processing makes the sensor without any shortcomings.

3. Even if it is the same product, we still do it better than our peers.

4. Complete customer needs for products as quickly as possible.

5. High-quality technology enables us to improve our quality all the time.

Replace Part Number


16060-KWF-941 16060KWF941

16060-GEY-642E 16060GEY642E

16060-KVS-901 16060KVS901

16060-KYJ-901 16060KYJ901

16060-KZZ-D21 16060KZZD21

16060-K31-601 16060K31601

Product Compatibility

The list includes roughly compatible models. For specific matching, please purchase according to the sensor installed in the model. Please identify the model you correspond to. Only some models are listed here.

For Honda CBF125 2009

For Honda CBF125 2010

For Honda CBF125 2011

For Honda CBF125 2012

For Honda CBF125 2013

For Honda CBR125 2011

For Honda CBR125 2012

For Honda CBR125 2013

For Honda CBR125 2014

For Honda CBR125 2015

For Honda CBR125 2016

For Honda CG150 TITAN 150 2009

For Honda CG150 TITAN 150 2010

For Honda CBR150 2012

For Honda CBR150 2013

For Honda CBR150 2014

For Honda CB300F ABS 2015-2017

For Honda CB300F ABS 2016

For Honda CB300F ABS 2017

For Honda CBR250R 2011

For Honda CBR250R 2012

For Honda CBR250R 2013

For Honda CBR300R 2015

For Honda CBR300R 2016

For Honda CBR300R 2017

For Honda CBR300R 2018

For Honda CBR300R 2019

For Honda CBR300R 2020

For Honda CBR300R 2021

For Honda CBR300R 2022

For Honda CMX300 REBEL 2017

For Honda CMX300 REBEL 2018

For Honda CMX300 REBEL 2019

For Honda CRF250L 2013

For Honda CRF250L 2014

For Honda CRF250L 2015

For Honda CRF250L 2016

For Honda CRF250M 2013

For Honda CRF250M 2014

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