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32MM Yamaha NMAX150 NMAX 150 Motorcycle Throttle Body

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Black NMAX 150 Motorcycle Throttle Body - the ultimate solution for enhancing race performance and restoring your racing machine's optimal functionality. Crafted specifically for motorcycle modifications, this yamaha nmax 150 motorcycle throttle body is designed to deliver exceptional results.

With the ability to improve race performance, the NMAX 150 Motorcycle Throttle Body is a must-have for any racing enthusiast. Whether you're looking to boost your bike's speed or increase its overall power, this throttle body is engineered to cater to your needs.

Not only does it enhance race performance, but this yamaha nmax150 motorcycle throttle body also serves as a reliable option for repairing and restoring your race machine's performance. It ensures that your motorcycle functions at its best, allowing you to experience the thrill of racing like never before.

The Black NMAX 150 Throttle Body is specifically designed for throttle body assemblies, making it a perfect fit for your motorcycle. Its compatibility with vehicles from the years 2016 to 2020 ensures that you can easily install it on your bike without any hassle.

Upgrade your racing experience with the Black NMAX 150 Motorcycle Throttle Body and unlock the true potential of your motorcycle. With its exceptional features and professional craftsmanship, this throttle body is the ideal choice for any racing enthusiast looking to take their performance to the next level.

Product Material

For the throttle body of this Yamaha NMAX 150 motorcycle, we finally chose aluminum alloy as the raw material for production. It has a very good protective effect in terms of high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. At the same time, the surface of this throttle body is silver. If customers need it, we can do black plating on the surface, just like our product picture.

Product Uses

The throttle body of the current EFI engine is equipped with an idle air regulator, an idle auxiliary air valve, a throttle position sensor and a throttle buffer to assist the function. Generally, the function of the mechanical throttle body is the same as that of the electronic throttle body, but its opening is not controlled by the signal of the ECU, but by the cable connected from the accelerator pedal. The position of the pedal is directly connected with the door panel on the throttle body. Axis related.

Applicable field

For Yamaha NMAX 150 Motorcycle 2016

For Yamaha NMAX 150 Motorcycle 2017

For Yamaha NMAX 150 Motorcycle 2018

For Yamaha NMAX 150 Motorcycle 2019

For Yamaha NMAX 150 Motorcycle 2020

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