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28mm 30mm 32mm 34mm 36mm Yamaha Motorcycle Throttle Body

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Company Number : RB-TB005
Material : Aluminum Alloy
Product Part Number : B65–E3750–00
Product Color : Silver White Color

Product Name

28mm 30mm 32mm 34mm 36mm Yamaha Motorcycle Throttle Body

Product Adaptability

Adapt to local fuel types

Ethanol fuel compatibility: Throttle bodies that meet local requirements usually need to be adaptable to ethanol fuel to prevent ethanol from corroding metal and rubber parts.

Environmental Adaptability

Adaptability to tropical climates: Throttle body design needs to take into account the working stability and durability of local motorcycles in high temperature and high humidity environments.

Dustproof and waterproof performance: Due to the complex road conditions in some areas, with more dust and mud, locally produced throttle bodies usually have enhanced sealing performance to prevent sand and moisture from entering and affecting their normal operation.

Emission Control

With the improvement of environmental awareness, governments of various countries have increasingly stringent requirements on motor vehicle emission standards. The design and production of throttle bodies must comply with local emission regulations to ensure that vehicle emissions are within the legal range.

Product Introduction

Large displacement engine: For large displacement Yamaha motorcycle or car engines, a larger throttle body is usually used to provide sufficient air flow to support higher power output and stronger power performance.

Small displacement engine: For small displacement Yamaha motorcycle or car engines, a relatively small throttle body is used, which can better match the needs of the engine and provide good fuel economy and driving flexibility.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Small Throttle Plate (28mm/30mm/32mm):


Improved fuel economy: A smaller throttle plate limits the amount of air entering the engine, thereby improving fuel economy.

Smooth driving: A small throttle plate can make the engine's response smoother and provide a more comfortable driving experience.

Increased low-speed torque: At low speeds, a small throttle plate helps increase torque and improve the vehicle's power output.


Limited power output: A small throttle plate limits the amount of air flowing into the engine, which may limit maximum power output, especially at high speeds.

Slower dynamic response: A small throttle plate may cause the engine to respond more slowly to throttle changes, reducing the vehicle's dynamic performance.

Large Throttle Plate (34mm/36mm):


Increased power output: A larger throttle plate allows more air to enter the engine, thereby increasing maximum power output.

Increased dynamic performance: A large throttle plate can increase the engine's response speed to throttle changes, improving the vehicle's dynamic performance and acceleration performance.

Adapt to high performance needs: For high-performance engines, a large throttle plate can provide more air to meet higher power requirements.


Reduced fuel economy: A larger throttle plate allows more air to enter the engine, which may reduce fuel economy.

Reduced low-speed torque: At low speeds, a large throttle plate may reduce torque output, affecting the vehicle's starting performance and low-speed driving.

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