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37700-K27-V01 37700-KZR-601 37700-HP5-601 Camshaft Sensor

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Brand : Runtong
Type : Camshaft Sensor
Updated Material : ABS Plastic
Mounting Type : Flange Mount
  • RB-CP001

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Introducing the 37700-K27-V01 Camshaft Sensor! This little guy may not have the most exciting job in the world, but boy does he know how to make things happen under the hood of your car.

You see, the 37700-KZR-601 Camshaft Sensor is like a detective, always on the lookout for the perfect timing. It collects the dynamic angle signals of the camshaft and sends them straight to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Why? Well, so your car can determine the exact moment to ignite that spark and inject that fuel. Talk about precision!

But wait, there's more! When your 37700-HP5-601 crankshaft sensor decides to take a vacation, our 37700K27V01 Camshaft Sensor steps up to the plate as the emergency ignition device. It's like having a superhero in your engine, always ready to save the day.

And let's not forget about its role in engine start-up. The 37700KZR601 Camshaft Sensor also helps identify the first ignition moment when you turn that key. It's like the engine's own personal timekeeper, making sure everything starts off on the right foot.

So, if you're looking for a sensor that's both reliable and a bit of a multitasker, the 37700-K27-V01 Camshaft Sensor is your guy. He's got the timing down to a tee and a sense of humor to boot. Get ready to rev up your engine and have a few laughs along the way!

Feature Of Product

1.Applicable Model: The Camshaft sensor is replacement for 500 SXS500M 2015, replacement for Rancher TRX420 2007‑2016, which fits perfectly with the original car.

2. OEM Number: The OEM number of the Camshaft sensor is 37700 KZR 601 and 37700 HP5 601 for reference. Please make sure the OEM number matches the part you are replacing.

3. Updated Material: The Camshaft sensor is made of ABS, which is moistureproof, scratch resistance and has outstanding reflectivity, durable for long time use.

4. Simple Installation: The installation is simple and no modification is required. You can directly replace your worn or damaged ones for time saving.

5. Befitting: Manufactured according to original standard with strict test, perfect fit your car. Great replacement for replacing the cracked or old Camshaft sensor .

Replace Part Number







Application Areas

Replacement For 2009-2013 MUV700

Replacement For 2007-2019 Rancher TRX420

Replacement For 2008-2009 TRX700XX

Replacement For 2012-2019 Foreman TRX500

Replacement For 2015-2019 Foreman Rubicon 500

Replacement For 2009 NSA700A

Replacement For 2013-2015 CB500F

Replacement For 2013-2015 CBR500R

Replacement For 2013-2015 CB500X

Replacement For 2011 PCX125

Replacement For 2013 PCX150

Replacement For 2014-2016 PIONEER 700-4

Replacement For 2014-2019 Pioneer 700

Replacement For 2015-2001 Pioneer 500

Replacement For 2016 Pioneer 1000-5

Replacement For 2016-2018 Pioneer 1000

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