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SMW250118 1914240656 AMW250118 Intake MAP Air Pressure Sensor

5 0 Reviews
Material : ABS Plastic
Part Number : SMW250118 1914240656
Product Color : Black
  • RB-PS0001



The Intake Air Pressure Sensor is a highly reliable and accurate device used for measuring pressure. It utilizes a pressure chip that is integrated on a silicon diaphragm capable of undergoing pressure deformation, forming a Wheatstone bridge. The pressure chip serves as the core component of the pressure sensor, and different manufacturers produce their own pressure chips.MAP Sensor Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor for Mitsubishi flyer 12232201 AMW250118 28086011.

Some sensor manufacturers produce their own chips or utilize custom Application Specific Chips (ASC), while others purchase generic chips from specialized chip manufacturers. The chips produced by sensor manufacturers or custom ASC chips are typically used exclusively for their own products.MAP Sensor Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor For Mitsubishi Opel Chevrolet.These chips have a high level of integration, incorporating the pressure chip, amplification circuit, signal processing chip, EMC filter, and more, ensuring both reliability and performance.MAP Sensor Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor 12232201 93333350 AMW250118 28086011 93333350 1914240656 For Fiat Opel Renault.

On the other hand, generic chips are suitable for multiple sensor models but have lower integration, requiring external amplification and signal processing circuits to complete the functionality of the sensor. 93333350 28086011 MAP Sensor 12232201 Air Pressure Sensor Intake Sensor for Mitsubishi Opel Chevrolet F00099P350 12232201-50115.

The working principle of the pressure sensor involves measuring the pressure deformation of the diaphragm caused by the medium, which is then converted into an electrical signal output. F00099P350 28086011 12232201 93333350 9003816 108600078 28086011 Motorcycle Throttle Body MAP Sensor Intake Air Pressure Sensor.The Intake Air Pressure Sensor finds wide applications in various industries such as automotive, industrial automation, meteorology, aerospace, and more, enabling accurate measurement and control of gas or liquid pressure.

Cross-Rerefernce Number As Below

F00099P350 , F00099P350 , 28086011
SMW250118 , AMW250118 , 1914240656 , 5S12144
12232201 , 93333350 , 93333350 ,12232201-50115

Chevrolet Models

For Celta 1.0 MPFI Gasolina 08/00 - 12/02

For Celta 1.0 VHC Gasolina 10/02 - 03/06

For Celta 1.0 VHC Flexpower Flex 06/05 - 12/08

For Celta 1.4 MPFI Gasolina 08/03 - 12/06

For Classic 1.0 VHC Gasolina 01/03 - 12/05

For Corsa 1.0 VHC Gasolina 02/02 - 08/05

For Corsa 1.8 MPFI Gasolina 02/02 -

For Corsa 1.8 MPFI Flexpower Flex 06/03 - 08/05

For Corsa Sedan 1.0 VHC Gasolina 02/02 - 08/05

For Corsa Sedan 1.8 MPFI Gasolina 02/02

For Corsa Sedan 1.8 MPFI Flexpower Flex 06/03 - 08/05

For Meriva 1.8 MPFI 8V Gasolina 08/02 -

For Meriva 1.8 MPFI Flexpower Flex 11/03 - 08/05

For Montana 1.8 MPFI Flexpower Flex 09/03 - 08/05


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