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885342002 Mercury Marine Outboard Water Temperature Sensor

5 0 Reviews
Function : Temperature Control
Quality : High Performance
Warranty : 12 Months
Pattern : Mercury Marine
  • RB-TS004

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Introducing our Outboard Motor 885342002 Temperature Sensor! Understanding the location of the temperature sensor is crucial, and we're here to enlighten you on this matter. We know that your outboard motor houses engine cylinders, which are situated at the top of each cylinder. And guess what? That's where you can find the temperature sensor nestled inside the hole.Outboard Motor 8M0148668 Temperature Sensor

Depending on the manufacturer, the heating and cooling fluid temperature sensors may be located in different spots. But fear not! You can typically find them near the thermostat of your outboard engine. For the heating temperature sensor, simply remove the spark plug on the cylinder head. Inside the hole connected to the thermostat, you'll discover the sensor. And if you're having trouble locating it, don't fret! Just take a closer look at the manual for detailed instructions.Outboard Motor 885342001 Temperature Sensor.

Upgrade your outboard motor's performance with our reliable and efficient temperature sensor. Get accurate readings and ensure optimal engine temperature control. Don't let overheating ruin your boating experience. Trust our Outboard Motor Temperature Sensor to keep your engine running smoothly.

Cause of Issue

1. Poor fuel economy

Typically, more fuel is used to lower engine temperatures when needed. This is monitored with the help of temperature sensors. Therefore, fuel economy deteriorates when the temperature sensor initiates the cooling process unnecessarily.That's why poor fuel economy is a sign of a failed temperature sensor.

2. Abnormal temperature readings

Abnormal temperature readings can be a cause for concern. For example, not seeing enough temperature readings when needed. Or it shows too cold a temperature when it should be relatively hot.These are all signs of a faulty temperature sensor. So, when you see something like this, you should be careful and prepared.

3. Engine damage

If the temperature sensor fails and the engine overheats, it can cause engine damage. Overheating can cause the engine to warp or crack, resulting in expensive repairs or even the need for a new engine.

4. Black smoke

The temperature sensor cannot monitor the combustion process when more fuel than usual is used. Therefore, you may see black smoke coming from the exhaust when you try to start your outboard.This is a clear indication that your temperature sensor is faulty. Therefore, you should take it for repair.

5. Engine overheating

This is one of the main signs that the temperature sensor is faulty. For example, a sensor may give you an overheating signal even though the temperature is within the nominal range.

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