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J005T23591A J5T23591 J5T23591A CPS Camshaft Position Sensor

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Brand : Runtong
Type : CPS
Material : ABS Plastic
  • RB-CP002

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Product Content

The J005T23591A camshaft position sensor is a sensing device usually used to detect the angular position of the camshaft. It provides the camshaft position signal to the engine control unit (ECU) as the main control signal for ignition control.

When the axle position sensor is used, a Hall sensor is usually used, and its structure includes a Hall element and a signal generator. The Hall element is located near the camshaft. When the camshaft rotates, the raised portion on the camshaft passes through the Hall element, causing a change in the Hall voltage. The signal generator converts this voltage change into a rectangular signal whose period corresponds to the angular position of the camshaft.

When the signal correspondence between the axle position sensor and the crankshaft position sensor is: the signal of the J5T23591 camshaft position sensor has a high level at 180° before the compression top dead center of each cylinder, while the signal of the crankshaft position sensor has a high level at each cylinder. The cylinder has a high level of compression at top dead center. This signal correspondence enables the engine control unit to precisely control ignition timing and fuel injection timing.

The variable camshaft timing system is a mechanism used to optimize engine performance. It consists of a camshaft regulating valve and a chain tensioner controlled by a hydraulic piston. When the engine is at medium and low speeds, that is, when the speed is in the range of 1300-3600 rpm, the camshaft variable timing adjustment system opens and closes the intake valve in advance to increase engine torque; at other speeds, it opens and closes the intake valve at normal times. valve to maintain maximum engine power.

In short, the J5T23591A camshaft position sensor is an indispensable component of the engine control system. It provides camshaft position information to help the engine control unit accurately control ignition and injection timing, and optimize engine performance.

Feature Of Product

Compared with other sensors, this camshaft sensor has more complete functions, faster response time, and more efficient power, which can optimize engine starting performance to a great extent. The sensor produced by our company can provide customers with the best quality to enhance the feeling of the engine running.Sensors can be very convenient for our travels when used. The data is more accurate and stable, which saves our travel fuel consumption and greatly reduces the cost of travel, thereby increasing the travel distance.

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Installation Scope

Fit For Outboard Motor DF40 1999, 2001 to 2010

Fit For Outboard Motor DF50 1999, 2001 to 2006

Fit For Outboard Motor DF100 2009 to 2010

Fit For Outboard Motor DF115 2001 to 2010

Fit For Outboard Motor DF140 2002 to 2010

Fit For Outboard Motor DF150 2006 to 2007

Fit For Outboard Motor DF175 2006 to 2007

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