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90224120 37700-HP5-601 37700-KZR-601 Camshaft Sensor

5 0 Reviews
Brand : Runtong
Type : Camshaft Sensor
Updated Material : ABS Plastic
Mounting Type : Flange Mount
  • RB-CP001

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Introducing the 90224120 Camshaft Sensor - the ultimate detective for your engine! This little gadget has some serious skills when it comes to sniffing out the position of your camshaft.

But wait, there's more! Not only does it collect signals like a pro, but it also feeds them to your ECU (that's Engine Control Unit for the uninitiated). Why? So your ECU can do its thing and recognize when cylinder 1 is about to compress like a champ. Talk about precision fuel injection, ignition timing, and combustion control!

Oh, and did we mention that this 90224120 Camshaft Sensor has a secret talent? It can even identify the exact moment when your engine is starting up and needs that first spark. It's like having a mind reader for your motor!

But wait, there's still more! This 37700-HP5-601 Camshaft sensor is like a psychic for your pistons. It can predict which cylinder's piston is about to reach its peak. Move over Sherlock Holmes, we've got a new detective in town!

So, if you want your engine to be the talk of the town, get your hands on the 37700-KZR-601 Camshaft Sensor. It's the funniest, quirkiest, and most reliable sidekick your engine could ever ask for. Trust us, your engine will thank you later.

Feature Of Product

1. Actual photos of products from Camshaft Sensor source manufacturers.

2. Honest merchants guarantee Camshaft Sensor quality.

3. Intimate after-sales and satisfactory service.

4. The Camshaft Sensor can be customized as required.

5. Support Camshaft Sensor sampling with various specifications.

6. Place an order after taking photos and deliver the goods in a timely manner.

Replacement Part Number





Application Areas

For Honda Motorcycle AIRBLADE 125 2013

For Honda Motorcycle PCX125 2015-2018

For Honda Motorcycle PCX150 2015-2018

For Honda Motorcycle NCW50 2016-2018

For Honda Motorcycle NSC 110 VISION 2017

For Honda Motorcycle SH 125 MODE 2014-2016

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