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33220-76G00-000 33220-76G01-000 33220-76G02-000 CPS Camshaft Sensor

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Product Name: Crankshaft Position Sensor
Status: Brand New
Package Contents: 1PCS
  • RB-CP002

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Product Content

The key role of the camshaft position sensor in engine performance control!

In today's automotive industry, engine performance control is critical. Among them, the camshaft position sensor plays an indispensable role. 33220-76G00-000 Camshaft position sensor enable precise control of engine performance, ensuring smooth vehicle operation and improved fuel economy.

The working principle of the 33220-76G01-000 camshaft position sensor is to sense the position of the camshaft and generate an electrical signal. This electrical signal is transmitted to the engine control system and used as a basis for adjusting engine performance. When the position of the camshaft changes, the sensor is able to capture this change and instantly adjust the engine's performance to suit the vehicle's operating needs.

Precise control of the suzuki camshaft position sensor is critical to engine performance. If the accuracy of the sensor is not high, the engine may not be adjusted in a timely manner, thereby affecting the vehicle's fuel economy, emissions performance, and driving comfort. Therefore, precise control of 33220-76G02-000 Camshaft position sensor is crucial to the development of the modern automotive industry.

For example, suppose a car needs more power to drive the vehicle when climbing a hill. At this time, the Outboard Motor camshaft position sensor can sense this demand and instantly adjust the engine's performance to provide greater power. If the accuracy of the sensor is not high, the engine may not be able to provide the required power in time, affecting the vehicle's driving experience.

Overall, the Suzuki Outboard Motor camshaft position sensor is a critical component in accurately controlling engine performance. Its high-precision control can improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and improve driving comfort. As technology continues to develop, we look forward to seeing more innovative and accurate camshaft position sensor technologies, bringing greater impetus to the development of the automotive industry.

Feature Of Product

Direct replacement: It can directly replace your old crankshaft position sensor, which can provide you with a practical and convenient use experience, effectively improve the safety of your vehicle, and perfectly match your car.

Material: This crank angle sensor is made of durable materials, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, excellent manufacturing process, sensitive sensing, durable, high precision and sensitivity, and high reliability.

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For Suzuki DF 40 1999/2001-2010
For Suzuki DF 50 1999/2001-2006
For Suzuki DF 100 2009-2010
For Suzuki DF 115 2001-2010
For Suzuki DF 140 2002-2010
For Suzuki DF 150 2006-2007
For Suzuki DF 175 2006-2007

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