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87687 834000 ADK87209 550349 J5638000 7517687 CPS Camshaft Sensor

5 0 Reviews
Condition: 100% Brand New
OE#: 33220-76G02, 33220-76G00
Scope Of Application: For Suzuki/Mitsubishi
  • RB-CP002

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Product Content

Suzuki outboard motor is an engine system widely used in various types of boats. The 87687 camshaft position sensor is an important part of the engine system and plays a key role in engine performance control.

The role of the 834000 camshaft position sensor The ADK87209 camshaft position sensor is an electronic device that senses the position of the camshaft and transmits a signal to the engine control system. This signal is used as a key input to adjust engine performance, including fuel injection, ignition timing and engine speed. Camshaft position sensors are critical to achieving precise engine control.

Application of 550349 camshaft position sensor in Suzuki outboard motor In Suzuki outboard motor, the role of camshaft position sensor is more important. It helps the engine control system accurately sense the position of the camshaft, thereby accurately controlling the engine. This can improve the fuel economy of the engine, reduce emissions, and improve the power performance of the ship.

In addition, the J5638000 camshaft position sensor is also used to control the ship's auxiliary equipment, such as steering gear, pumps and air conditioners. These devices rely on the engine to run, and the Suzuki Outboard Motor camshaft position sensor ensures that these devices receive enough power when needed.

The 7517687 camshaft position sensor plays a vital role in Suzuki outboard motors. It helps the engine control system achieve precise control, thereby improving engine performance and fuel economy. In addition, the Outboard Motor camshaft position sensor provides the necessary power for the ship's auxiliary equipment. With the continuous advancement of technology, we have reason to believe that the performance and accuracy of camshaft position sensors will be further improved, bringing better performance and efficiency to engine systems such as Suzuki outboard motors.

Product Superiority

Brand new aftermarket camshaft position sensor。

Direct replacement to your original unit。

Plug-and-play, direct fit, easy installation。

All products shipped are tested。

All item pictures are accurate; if in doubt do not hesitate to compare our item to your original part。

Replacement Part Number

87687834000 ADK87209

550349 J5638000 7517687

Compatibility Range

For Suzuki Outboard DF 40 -- 1999, 2001-2010
For Suzuki Outboard DF 50 -- 1999, 2001-2006
For Suzuki Outboard DF 100 -- 2009-2010
For Suzuki Outboard DF 115 -- 2001-2010
For Suzuki Outboard DF 140 -- 2002-2010
For Suzuki Outboard DF 150 -- 2006-2007
For Suzuki Outboard DF 175 -- 2006-2007

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