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Yamaha NMAX 125 150 155 2DP-E3750-04 Throttle Body

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Installable Range
Yamaha NMAX 125 2017
Yamaha NMAX 125 2018
Yamaha NMAX 125 2019
Yamaha NMAX 125 2020
Yamaha NMAX 150 2015
Yamaha NMAX 150 2016
Yamaha NMAX 150 2017
Yamaha NMAX 150 2018
Yamaha NMAX 150 2019
Yamaha NMAX 155 2015
Yamaha NMAX 155 2016
Yamaha NMAX 155 2017
Yamaha NMAX 155 2018
Yamaha NMAX 155 2019
  • RB-TB026

Product Information Introduction

The throttle body of the Yamaha NMAX 125 is one of the core components of the engine system of this model and plays a key role. This precision-designed throttle component is responsible for controlling the engine's air intake, affecting the engine's combustion efficiency and power output.

The Yamaha NMAX 125's throttle assembly uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure its durability and reliability. Precise air flow control allows the engine to operate at peak performance, providing excellent acceleration response and fuel economy, giving riders a smooth driving experience.

The throttle assembly is designed to be compact and efficient, designed to maximize engine power output and optimize fuel utilization. Its stable working performance and fast response speed make the ride smoother and more comfortable, while also improving the performance level of the entire vehicle.

Overall, the throttle assembly of the Yamaha NMAX 125, as the core component of the engine system, not only improves the performance and fuel economy of the vehicle, but also brings a more pleasant and convenient driving experience to the rider. Its exquisite craftsmanship and reliability make people trust it, and it has become an indispensable and important part of the engine system of this model.

NMAX 155 Throttle Body

Achieved Results

The NMAX 150 throttle body of the Yamaha NMAX 150 is an important part of the engine control system. It is responsible for controlling the mixing ratio of air and fuel, thereby affecting engine performance and fuel efficiency. By effectively controlling the NMAX 150 throttle body, the following results can be achieved:

Improved performance: By precisely controlling air flow, the NMAX 150 throttle body can help optimize the engine's power output, improving acceleration and overall vehicle dynamics.

Fuel economy: Good NMAX 150 throttle body design and adjustment can help the engine achieve higher fuel economy, thereby reducing fuel consumption and operating costs.

NMAX 150 throttle body response: The sensitivity and response speed of the NMAX 150 throttle body will directly affect the driver's experience of the accelerator pedal operation. A well-designed NMAX 150 throttle body can provide a more direct and linear NMAX 150 throttle body response.

Application impact

The NMAX 125 throttle body of the Yamaha NMAX 125 is a component installed on the engine inlet. Its main function is to control the air flow and adjust the amount of mixture entering the engine combustion chamber. The following is the application of NMAX 125 throttle body valve in Yamaha NMAX 125:

Air-fuel ratio adjustment: By controlling air flow, the NMAX 125 throttle body helps the engine management system adjust the air-fuel ratio to ensure optimal combustion efficiency and performance output.

Performance optimization: Through NMAX 125 throttle body adjustment, higher power output and acceleration performance can be achieved, improving the overall performance of the vehicle.

Fuel economy: Precise control of the NMAX 125 throttle body helps optimize fuel supply, improve fuel economy, and reduce fuel consumption.

Engine response: The sensitivity of the NMAX 125 throttle body directly affects the response speed of the engine when the accelerator pedal is operated. A well-designed NMAX 125 throttle body can provide a more linear and flexible engine response.

Installation compatibility

Yamaha NMax 155 is a 125cc to 155cc motorcycle, and you may need to consider different models when installing a NMAX 155 throttle body. Generally speaking, the installation of the NMAX 155 throttle body will be related to the engine model and car model.

Make sure the engine is cool and the battery is disconnected.

Before installation, check the NMAX 155 throttle body and related parts for damage or foreign matter.

Place the new NMAX 155 throttle body in the correct location, making sure all bolt holes are aligned.

Tighten the bolts using the appropriate torque, but do not overtighten to avoid damaging the parts.

Connect all electrical connections and vacuum lines, making sure the connections are tight.

Once the installation is complete, reconnect the battery, start the engine and perform a brief test to make sure everything is working properly.

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