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Yamaha Motorcycle 1MS-E3750-00 1MSE375000 Four In One Sensor

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Number : RB-FIO001
Type : Four In One Sensor
Replace Part Number : 1MS-E3750-00

Product Introduction

Yamaha Motorcycle 1MS-E3750-00 1MSE375000 The four-in-one sensor is a device that integrates multiple sensing functions and is commonly used in industrial automation, robotics, and other applications that require precise monitoring and control.

Force sensor: used to detect the force applied or the reaction force received by a robotic arm or other equipment.

Torque sensor: measures the torque of a rotating part and is often used to detect the performance of a motor or other rotating device.

Position sensor: determines the precise position of a device or part, usually using an encoder or linear position sensor.

Speed sensor: measures the speed of a moving part to help regulate and control the working state of the device.

These sensors are integrated together to provide rich data support for more efficient and precise control and operation.

1MS-E3750-00 Sensor

Product Function

Force Sensor

Torque sensor can monitor the torque output of the engine, help adjust and optimize the power transmission system, and ensure smoothness and efficiency during driving.

Torque Sensor:

Torque sensor and force sensor can be used together to monitor braking force and braking effect. This data can be used for precise adjustment of electronically controlled braking systems (such as ABS) to improve braking performance and safety.

Position Sensor:

1MS-E3750-00 Throttle Position sensor can be used to monitor the suspension position and travel of the vehicle. This is very important for adjusting suspension stiffness and improving vehicle handling and comfort.

Speed Sensor:

Speed sensor and position sensor can provide real-time data on the engine operating status, help optimize ignition timing and fuel supply, and improve fuel economy and power output.

Driving Assistance System:

Integrated four-in-one sensor can provide motorcycles with more advanced driving assistance functions, such as traction control, inertial braking system (Engine Braking Control), etc., to improve the stability and controllability of the vehicle under various road conditions.

Product Advantages

Real-time data monitoring

Fault diagnosis: 1MS-E3750-00 Sensor Real-time data provided by sensors can be used in vehicle fault diagnosis systems to quickly identify and eliminate potential problems, reducing maintenance time and costs.

Driving data analysis: The real-time data collected can be used to analyze riding behavior, help riders improve driving skills, and improve driving safety and efficiency.

Improve riding experience

Comfort: 1MS-E3750-00 Sensor Precise suspension and braking control can significantly improve riding comfort, especially on long journeys or complex road conditions.

Interactivity: Modern motorcycles are equipped with many electronic assistance systems. Through precise data provided by sensors, these systems can better interact with the rider and provide timely feedback and assistance.

Space and weight optimization

High integration: 1MS-E3750-00 Sensor The high integration of the four-in-one sensor reduces the number of independent sensors that need to be installed, thereby saving installation space, reducing the complexity and total weight of the system, and contributing to the lightweight design of the vehicle.

Durability and reliability

Industrial-grade design: Yamaha's 1MS-E3750-00 sensors usually comply with strict industrial standards, have strong durability and reliability, and can work stably under various extreme conditions to ensure long-term stable performance.

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