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Orange 16060-KWF-941 Throttle Position Sensor Motorcycle TPS

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Honda CBF125 2009-2013
Honda CBR125 2011-2016
Honda CG TITAN 150 2009-2010
Honda CBR150 2012-2014
Honda CB300F ABS 2015-2017
Honda CBR250R 2011-2013
Honda CBR300R 2015-2022
Honda CMX300 2017-2019
Honda CRF250L 2013-2016
Honda CRF250M 2013-2014
  • RB-TPR004 Orange

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

Product Name : Orange 16060-KWF-941 Throttle Position Sensor Motorcycle TPS

Replacement Part Number : 


Specification Range

The specific specifications of the throttle position sensor may vary depending on the manufacturer and specific model. Generally speaking, the following are some typical examples of specification values.

Measurement Range: Usually in the range of 0 to 100%, indicating the degree of opening of the throttle valve.

Accuracy: Under normal operating conditions, the accuracy can reach less than ±1% error.

Response Time: Typical response time can be between 5 milliseconds and 10 milliseconds, depending on the sensor design and the response speed of the electronic control system.

Operating Temperature Range: Usually between -40°C and +125°C, ensuring normal operation in various environmental conditions.

Power Supply Voltage: Typical operating voltage can be 5V or 12V DC voltage.

Output Signal Type: It may be an analog signal, such as 0.5V to 4.5V or 1V to 5V, or it may be a digital signal, such as a pulse signal or a digital output using a communication protocol.

Installation method: Typical installation methods may include fixing to specific mounting holes on the engine and have standard physical size and shape.

Durability and environmental adaptability: It may have good waterproof performance and shock resistance, adapting to the harsh working environment of automobile engines.

Honda 16060-KWF-941 TPS

Competitiveness Of Sensors

Technological innovation and product uniqueness:

Our company has developed sensor technology with unique functions or performance, such as high precision, low power consumption, versatility, etc.

Persist in continuous R&D and innovation, and launch new generations of products to maintain technological leadership.

Improve the integration and intelligence of sensors to make them easier to integrate with other devices and systems.

Cost-effectiveness and performance advantages:

Optimize production processes and supply chain management on a large scale to reduce production costs.

Improve the stability, durability and long-term performance of sensors to enhance the value and competitiveness of products.

Market positioning and brand building:

The company has clear target markets and key customer groups, and can tailor product solutions for them.

Establish a strong brand image and reputation at home and abroad, and enhance brand credibility and market awareness through advertising, exhibitions and industry cooperation.

Customer relations and technical support:

Provide high-quality after-sales service and technical support to establish good customer relations.

Adjust product design and functions according to customer feedback and market demand to meet the actual needs of customers.

Regulatory compliance and environmental responsibility:

Comply with industry standards and regulations to ensure that products meet environmental and safety requirements.

Emphasizing the environmental protection characteristics of products and the responsibility of sustainable development is in line with the current market demand for sustainability.

Strategic cooperation and market expansion:

Establish strategic partnerships with industry-leading companies to jointly promote technological innovation and market expansion.

Open up new market areas and application scenarios to expand the market coverage of sensors.

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