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Orange Motorcycle TPS 16400-K25-901 Throttle Position Sensor

5 0 Reviews
Fitment : Honda
Type : Aftermarket
Replace Part Number : 
  • RB-TPS011 Orange

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

Product Name

Orange Motorcycle TPS 16430-KZL-931 16400-K25-901 16410-KZR-B21 16410-K46-N01 16410-K12-V01 Throttle Position Sensor

TPS 16400-K25-901

Product Introduction: Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor

When it comes to the performance and reliability of motorcycles, motorcycle throttle position sensors play a vital role. This advanced sensor not only improves the efficiency and responsiveness of the engine, but also ensures the safety and comfort of the rider.

1. Advanced Technology, Excellent Performance

Our Orange Motorcycle TPS 16400-K25-901 Throttle Position Sensor uses the latest technology and precision craftsmanship to ensure excellent performance under various working conditions. It accurately measures the opening angle of the throttle and transmits accurate position information to the electronic control unit (ECU) to optimize the adjustment of the fuel injection system, thereby achieving more efficient combustion and power output.

2. Optimize Engine Response and Combustion Efficiency

By monitoring the throttle position in real time, the sensor can instantly adjust the fuel injection amount and ignition timing so that the engine can run at its best. This not only improves the acceleration response speed, but also ensures the maximum combustion efficiency, effectively reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

3. High Precision and Reliability

Our Orange Motorcycle TPS 16400-K25-901 Throttle Position Sensor design undergoes strict quality control and testing to ensure its stability and reliability under various extreme conditions. Its high-precision measurement capability enables it to maintain accuracy in different temperatures and humidity levels, and will not degrade over long-term use.

4. Lightweight and easy to install

As a modern motorcycle accessory, our Orange Motorcycle TPS 16400-K25-901 Throttle Position Sensor is compact and lightweight, and the installation process is simple and quick. It is compatible with most motorcycle brands and models, providing owners with a convenient upgrade option.

5. Improved driving experience

Ultimately, our Orange Motorcycle TPS 16400-K25-901 is not just a technical upgrade, but a key factor in improving the driving experience. It ensures engine stability at high speeds and during hard acceleration, giving the driver a smoother and more responsive driving experience.

Whether you are a performance-seeking motorcycle enthusiast or a professional rider, our motorcycle throttle position sensor will bring significant performance improvements and reliability guarantees to your vehicle. Choosing our products, you will experience the perfect combination of technology and passion.

The Convenience Brought

Reduced Maintenance Costs: Our premium 16400-K25-901 Throttle Position Sensor is designed to be stable and reliable, and is not prone to failure or performance degradation over the long term. This means customers can reduce repair and replacement costs due to sensor failure, improving vehicle reliability and durability.

Compatibility and Easy Installation: Most premium sensor designs are compatible with a variety of motorcycle makes and models, and the installation process is simple. Customers can easily upgrade it to an existing motorcycle system without complex modifications or additional installation costs.

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