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Yellow Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor 16060-KWF-941 TPS

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Color : Yellow Color
MOQ : 100PCS
Package: 100PCS/Carton
Packing: Neutral packaging
  • RB-TPR004

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

Application and technical features of throttle position sensor

1. Overview:

90224080 16060-KWF-941 Throttle position sensor is a key component in modern engine control system, responsible for monitoring and feedback of precise position information of engine throttle to support real-time adjustment and optimization of engine performance by electronic control unit (ECU).

2. Product Name

Yellow Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor 16060-KWF-941 16060-KVS-901 16060-KYJ-901 16060-GEY-642E TPS

TPS 16060-KWF-941

3. Application Areas:

Throttle position sensors are widely used in electronic throttle control systems of automobile, truck and motorcycle engines, providing precise fuel supply and emission control for engines, thereby optimizing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Motorcycle industry: Mainly used in electronic throttle control systems of gasoline and diesel engines, providing precise fuel supply and emission control for engines.

Industrial applications: Applied to industrial engines, generator sets and ship engines to ensure their efficient and stable operation.

New energy vehicles: In hybrid and electric vehicles, ensure the output control and energy efficiency optimization of the motor.

4. Parameter Indicators

Working voltage range: Usually between 5V and 12V, to meet the needs of different vehicle electrical systems.

Output type: It can be an analog voltage signal or a digital signal, and the corresponding interface is provided according to the system requirements.

Working temperature range: The standard design is -40°C to +125°C, meeting the use requirements under various climate and environmental conditions.

5. Sensor development trend

With the development of intelligentization and electrification of motorcycles and automobiles, throttle position sensors will continue to develop in the direction of smaller, more precise and higher integration to meet the requirements of future automobiles for high efficiency, environmental protection and reliable performance. The throttle position sensor provides key technical support for the modern automobile and motorcycle industry through its advanced technology and stable performance, and is an important part of achieving engine efficiency and environmental protection requirements.

Our company specializes in providing customers with high-quality, high-performance, high-specification motorcycle and automobile throttle position sensors. Customers are welcome to consult.

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