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Black 16400-K25-901 Motorcycle TPS Throttle Position Sensor

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Type : Motorcycle TPS
Color : Black Color
Replacement Part Number :
  • RB-TPS013 Black

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

Product Name:

Black 16400-K25-901 Motorcycle TPS Throttle Position Sensor

Throttle Position Sensor Specifications

Sensor Replace Part Number






Compatibility and suitability

This sensor can be matched with various Honda electro-spray motorcycles and then used for power transmission. The compatibility of this sensor is very suitable.

Quantity and durability

We use the highest quality ABS material and use the most advanced production techniques, allowing us to provide quality that exceeds that of the original. Price and performance comparison

With independent processing in our factories, we can provide customers with the most favorable prices, and we also have excellent solutions in packaging and transportation.

After-sales service and support

Our sensors have dedicated after-sales service. If there are any problems with product quality, you can contact us as soon as possible and we will provide you with a solution within 24 hours.

Convenience of installation and maintenance

The sensor is small and easy to carry, the product is independent, and it can be used normally after a little installation and adjustment.

16400-K25-901 TPS

Product Details

Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor: The Key to Optimizing Engine Performance

On modern high-performance motorcycles, the throttle position sensor is a critical component that not only improves engine efficiency and responsiveness, but also plays an important role in improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.

1. Precise engine control

The Black 16400-K25-901 Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor accurately monitors and feedbacks the throttle opening, which is crucial for the engine control unit (ECU). With real-time transmission of position data, the ECU can adjust the fuel injection amount and ignition timing according to the current driving needs and operating conditions to ensure optimal combustion efficiency and power output. This precise control not only improves the acceleration response, but also ensures the smoothness and stability of the engine under different load and speed conditions.

2. Improve fuel economy

With the improvement of social awareness of environmental protection, fuel economy has become one of the important considerations in motorcycle design. The Black 16400-K25-901 Motorcycle TPS Throttle Position Sensor optimizes the combustion process and effectively controls the injection amount and mixing ratio of the fuel to maximize fuel economy. This not only reduces the cost of riding, but also helps to reduce carbon emissions and meet modern environmental standards.

3. Reduce exhaust emissions

Exhaust emissions are an important indicator of environmental protection supervision. By accurately controlling the combustion process, the Black 16400-K25-901 Motorcycle TPS Throttle Position Sensor effectively reduces the generation of unburned fuel and harmful emissions. This technology is not only environmentally friendly, but also helps motorcycle manufacturers comply with strict emission regulations and standards.

4. Improve driving experience

A good motorcycle not only has excellent performance, but also needs to provide a smooth and pleasant driving experience. The Black 16400-K25-901 Motorcycle TPS Throttle Position Sensor ensures reliable response and smoothness of the engine under various working conditions, whether it is low-speed driving on city streets or high-load operation on highways, it can maintain stable and efficient power output.

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