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Red Throttle Position Sensor 16400-K25-901 Motorcycle TPS

5 0 Reviews
FOR HONDA WAVE 110 2012-2014
FOR HONDA WAVE 110I 2012-2014
FOR HONDA WAVE 125I 2012-2014
FOR HONDA FAN125 2016-2019
FOR HONDA FAN125I 2016-2019
FOR HONDA FAN160 2016-2019
FOR HONDA BIZ 110 2016-2021
FOR HONDA BIZ 110I 2016-2021
  • RB-TPS011 Red

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

Product Name

High Performance Red Throttle Position Sensor 16400-K25-901 Motorcycle TPS

Honda 16400-K25-901 Throttle Position Sensor

Application of Throttle Position Sensor on Motorcycle

1. Product Introduction

16400-K25-901 Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor TPS plays a vital role on modern motorcycles, providing drivers with a more precise and responsive driving experience by accurately measuring and feeding back the throttle position.

2. Product Technical Principle

16400-K25-901 Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor TPS uses (technical principles, such as resistance, voltage or capacitance) to detect the opening of the motorcycle throttle and convert it into an electronic signal for analysis and processing by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This real-time feedback allows the engine control system to adjust the fuel injection amount and ignition timing according to the driver's needs to optimize engine performance.

3. Main functions and advantages

Driving response and acceleration performance: Real-time monitoring of throttle position changes ensures instant and precise acceleration response, enhancing driving pleasure and control.

Fuel economy and environmental protection: Accurately control the amount of fuel injection, optimize combustion efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and meet environmental standards.

High-performance driving experience: Maintain the stability and reliability of engine output at high speeds and complex road conditions, and improve the overall performance of the motorcycle.

4. Sensor Technical features

16400-K25-901 Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor TPS has many technical support features, and we can provide customers with professional technical service support.

Adaptability and durability: The design is highly adaptable to various driving conditions and environments to ensure long-term stable operation.

Convenient installation and maintenance: Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance, reducing maintenance costs and time.

5. Application examples of sensors

Throttle position sensors are widely used in various types of motorcycles, including but not limited to:

Sports and racing motorcycles: Improve acceleration performance and driving response speed.

Cruise motorcycles: Optimize fuel economy and improve comfort and efficiency of long-distance driving.

Off-road motorcycles: Maintain the stability and reliability of engine output under complex terrain and changing road conditions.

Red Throttle Position Sensor 16400-K25-901 Motorcycle TPS is mainly suitable for Honda series of EFI motorcycles, such as Honda Vario 110,Vario 125,Vario 150,NF110,Beat Fi V1 V2 V3,Scoopy 110,Wave 110 2012-2014,Wave 110i 2012-2014,Wave 125i 2012-2014,AFS 110,Click 125I,Click 150,CG125,CG 160 2016-2019,CG160 Start 2016-2019,Pop 110,Pop 110I,FAN125 2016-2019,FAN125i 2016-2019,FAN160 2016-2019, BIZ 110 2016-2021, BIZ 110i 2016-2021. Different years may correspond to different types of sensors. When choosing, you must determine the year of your vehicle before purchasing.

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