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Yellow 16400-K25-901 TPS Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor

5 0 Reviews
Material : ABS Plastic
Color : Yellow Color
Application : Throttle Body
Factory location: Zhejiang, China
  • RB-TPS011 Yellow

  • Yamaha 

  • 22mm 

  • Orange Color 

  • Black 

Product Name

Yellow 16400-K25-901 TPS Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor

Replacement Part Number



Motorcycle TPS 16400-K25-901

Attributes Of High-Quality Sensors

Precision and accuracy test: A good 16430-KZL-931 throttle position sensor should be able to accurately reflect the actual opening of the throttle and output accurate electronic signals to the electronic control unit.

Stability and reliability test: A good 16400-K25-901 throttle position sensor should be able to maintain stable and reliable performance under various working conditions: including temperature changes, humidity, vibration and performance during long-term use.

Response speed test: A good 16410-KZR-B21 throttle position sensor should have a fast response speed and be able to instantly transmit changes in throttle position to the ECU so that the engine can quickly adjust fuel injection and ignition timing.

Durability and life test: A good 16410-K12-V01 throttle position sensor should have a long service life and good durability, and be able to withstand long-term work and high-frequency use without failure.

Throttle Position Sensor Application for Throttle Body

The installation of throttle position sensor on motorcycle directly affects the working state and overall performance of the engine, and is an indispensable and important part of modern electronic control system. Each throttle body and throttle position sensor are matched one by one. Just like 16400-K25-901 TPS can only be installed on the throttle body of some Honda motorcycles, and cannot match other models of throttle body.

1. Measuring throttle opening: 16400-K25-901 throttle position sensor is directly connected to the throttle mechanism or installed on the throttle shaft, which can measure the throttle opening in real time and accurately. This opening information is converted into an electronic signal and transmitted to the electronic control unit (ECU).

2. Drive control unit: After receiving the throttle position data provided by 16430-KZL-931 throttle position sensor, ECU quickly adjusts the fuel injection amount and ignition timing according to the current driving conditions and the needs of the driver. This allows the engine to maintain optimal performance and fuel economy at different loads and speeds.

3. Optimize power output: Based on the throttle position information provided by the 16410-KZR-B21 throttle position sensor, the ECU can achieve more precise power output regulation. This means that the engine response is more agile and controllable when rapid acceleration or smooth driving is required.

4. Improve fuel economy: By accurately controlling the throttle position, the 16410-K46-N01 throttle position sensor helps the ECU optimize the fuel mixture ratio and injection volume, thereby improving combustion efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. This has significant economic and environmental advantages for both long-distance driving and urban driving.

5. Improve driving responsiveness: The installation of the 16410-K12-V01 throttle position sensor enables the driver's pedal input to be accurately reflected in the engine output in real time, greatly improving the driving response speed and accuracy of the motorcycle.

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